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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

17 weeks old

His gums bled onto the sheet when he was napping.  He must have nicked them with his fingernails.  It gave me quite a scare, though.

He seems to be reacting a bit better to the car than he used to--still cries, but it isn't always and it isn't as prolonged as it used to be.

He's a social nurser. He pauses from niursing to look up at me and smile, giggle, or blow raspberries.

Giggly at night sometimes instead of screaming.  That's a welcome change, but it's not always.

We started giving him Zantac only in the evenings.  I don't think I notice a difference.

 He's started spitting a lot when he's happy in addition to his raspberries.

He went down a level in the pack-n-play but he's still gonna stay in our room for awhile because he's a belly sleeper and he hasn't quite mastered the art of rolling over.

I think he got bigger.  He seems to be a giant baby  to me. I love it!

He scoots around on his back--I'm pretty sure it's not intentional.

He pushes up to a standing position when we hold him by the arms or torso.

We tried no Zantac at night for a couple of nights and he was congested and didn't sleep well so we went back to using it at night.

He's still much calmer in the car and actually sleeps in it--which I prefer he didn't do because then he's wide awake and ready to play when we get home and I'm ready to either make lunch, unpack the car, or sleep myself. :-)

 Here are some comparison shots of he and his sister at the same age.

 A sweet little cough.

 It got cold suddenly so we fished out one of Bunny's old hats.  It will work for a little while but I'm gonna need to make him a larger one sooner rather than later.

 He spent a couple of hours with Grandpa and did really well.  I thought he had issues being away from me after he was with his Aunties, but maybe that was just a bad night.
 It was hard to know if he was hot or cold while at Roxbury.  I bundled him up a lot because it got cold there, but sometimes I think I bundled him too much.

 Three generations of men.

 Eating breakfast with his big sister (and me) made both of them super happy!
 Sometimes, he'll just chill in Bunny's room while I run around the house doing chores.  He stays happier when in there with her than laying on the floor or in the swing by himself.  He is so, very social!!!

 It's not good for babies to face outward in baby carriers but he was struggling with the forward face on a walk we took because of some congestion so I faced him outward just the once.  He seemed to like it, but I could tell it was putting strain on his little body so it won't happen often, if ever again.

We try to do inversion with him every day as the chiropracter suggested.  We did this with Bunny too.  She didn't have reflux, but Dr. J. says it helps reflux as well as keeping the baby's spine aligned.

While at Roxbury, I needed an hour to myself to get diapers washed and have some Bible time so Daddy wore Baby Bear in the Boba Air while he played frisbee golf, and he fell asleep most of the time and made Daddy very, very hot!

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