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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

16 weeks old

He is sympathetic to the emotions of others.  Sometimes when Bunny cries, he cries with her.  Sometimes when I raise my voice at Bunny he cries with her, but that could just be because he's startled.  I'm working on not raising my voice anymore.  That's a bad habit that started when I was pregnant and overwhelmed with sickness.  It's not something I ever used to do before that.

He is attentive to the TV, the phone screen, and books read to him.  That just flabbergasts me.  Seriously.  And I don't like it. Bunny was attentive to books, but that was it.

Not sleeping on his own again during the day.  He's taking his naps with me mostly.  It's nice most of the time but after a couple of days of it I start getting tired and needing time to myself.

He's also not sleeping through the night anymore.  Well, he wakes up once around 4 or 5.  It's not bad, but it's not sleeping through the night like he was when we first put him on his belly.

He still likes looking at lights.

He takes three distinct naps most days: 2 short ones early morning and late afternoon, and one long one early afternoon.

He prefers Mommy--as in I think he's starting to get stranger shy maybe--he screamed for 2 hours when baby sat by his Aunties.

He likes being thrown in the air--well, not thrown very high, more like thrown while still being held.  In any case, he squealed and giggled when Gail did it.  I think he has to be in the mood, through.

 Grabbing my hair.

 He just loves attention!  Talking to him and engaging him socially will almost always be rewarded with a smile or giggle.
 In his Sunday best with his big sister.

 He still thinks the mobile in his pack-n-play is like the best thing ever!

 He screamed for Auntie Gail and Auntie Caroline for 2 hours when they babysat him during their visit.  Auntie Gail was not amused.

 Chilling with a friend who's only 6 weeks younger and almost as big.

 He loves his Auntie Caroline!

 He got blood on his sheets from teething.  I noticed it after I grabbed him after a nap.  He'd been crying for a couple minutes before I got to him and I'm assuming he cut open his gums with one of his fingernails.  I was quite a bit worried until I figured out what it was.  This may be the first time I've seen his blood. :-(

 He has his legs out in both the Moby and the Boba now.  Big boy!!!

 Some awesome pooping facial expressions!!!

 His "I-just-woke-up" face.

 Sometimes, before he's all out angry or sad, you can convince him he's happy by talking with him or making him laugh.  Then it's kinda cute to see the crying and laughing battle it out.
 My happy, chunky boy!

He's always chewing, chewing, chewing!

 He has to have a spit rag with him everywhere because he spits up all the time--especially during that half hour after a feeding.
 Out on a walk on a cool, crisp autumn day--Bunny on her tricycle and Bear in the Moby Wrap.

 Bunny loves to give him lots of toys to play with and sometimes he likes them.  She also likes to give him his pacifier but, though it has been helpful at times, he's not really a paci type of guy.

 He can't sit up but Bunny thinks he should be able to and here she is trying to prop him up.

Here he is intently listening to his sister read her B.O.B. book.

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