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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

14 Weeks

I've put some of his bumGenius diapers up to the medium size.  They still fit him as smalls, but with flat diapers in the pockets instead of the microfiber inserts, they need a little more room.  I might just put them back down a size, though, so I don't have to have my baby seem to grow up so fast!

Bear is always looking for an excuse to laugh or giggle.  He seems to think I'm hilarious and will sit there watching me expectantly with a gleam in his little, blue eyes.

He still sleeps a lot.  Bunny never slept like this.  I get breaks and times of relaxation just because I'm holding him.  I hope this continues when I go back to work in less than a month because I'll really need it.

He tries to sit up.  He is nowhere near able to do so but he tries to pull his head up with his core muscles when he's lying down.

He actually watches the TV when it's on.  Bunny never noticed the TV.  I think he likes the lights and flashing pictures and colors.  He still loves looking out the window.

He also really likes looking at my phone which is why he actually looks like he's maintaining eye contact in almost all the pictures I take of him.

He seems to pay attention to books.  Bunny reads them to him sometimes and I read them to Bunny when he's on my lap and he seems to like them.

He loves to kiss me.  He opens his mouth with a smile every time I pucker up and put my face close to his.

On 10/5 he rolled over for the first time.  He was on the bed next to me and he rolled over towards me. He's done it on the couch too.

He hasn't done it on the hard, flat floor.

We put him on his tummy at night and now he only wakes up 1-2 times and sleeps much more soundly.  I only did it because I know he's capable of moving his head and will yell if he is awake and is too tired to move it.  Also, he just puts his head to the side.  My mama's instinct said it's okay so I'm going with it.  I resisted it for so long, though.  Now I'm the one who struggles to sleep!

He consistently gets better at grabbing things.  He's no longer just pawing and sort of grasping by accident, he's more intentional about it.

I bought him some round, wooden teethers and he's frantic to get those in his mouth.  Again, he seems like he's teething hardcore but there are no tooth buds.  I wonder if he likes things in his mouth because it produces saliva that helps his reflux?  By the afternoon of each day, though, he just has to get things into his mouth and the round teethers are easier for him to manipulate and hold, though I have to place his hands on them so he can get them in accurately, otherwise he misses and just gets irritated.

He makes jerky motions intermittently when he's sleeping and then falls back asleep.  He lifts his head and jerks it around, sometimes his feet too, and then finds a better position and goes back to sleep.  Sometimes he wakes himself up and needs to be burped or nursed back to sleep, and sometimes, he just wakes up.

After nursing, he shoves his hands into his mouth and will occasionally gag himself.  I wonder if he instinctually knows he needs to spit up because he does it around the time that he's also spitting up a lot and will often induce the spitting up.

And he spits up A LOT now.

He's starting to have actual bald spots in the back of his head.  Actually, it's turning into the ring around the head now.

He's always sucking his fingers and sometimes he prefers them to teethers or pacifiers--or even rarely, the boob.  I feel it's because he has control over his fingers and when and how to shove them into his mouth.

 What a fun way to wake up Daddy!
I don't think the Moby will get old for a long time, though he resists it more than his sister did.

 He really, REALLY loves the mobile in his pack-n-play.

 Playing in his sister's old walker.  He doesn't really care that it's pink.
He's usually pretty happy first thing in the morning.

He grunts when he's nursing.

He still screams and screams and screams in the car and things like open windows don't really help much.

He's become an expert at spitting out his medicine.  We can only give it to him when he's outright screaming if we want to be sure it goes in.  And he smiles so endearingly when he spits it out, too!

 I like this photo because it shows the size difference between Bear and Bunny.

 Finally asleep.  If nursing him doesn't put him down, rocking him with the paci helps, but takes longer.
 Bunny came and joined us on the bed after he fell asleep while nursing.  Simple, quiet moments like these are ones that become jewels in the crown of my memory.
 Bunny gave him one of her My Little Ponies to play with.
 Where he sleeps during half the night.  When he wakes up to nurse which can be 0-3 times a night, I usually sort of fall asleep halfway through it and rouse myself about an hour later to put him back into bed.  I never fully fall asleep with him here, but enough that I have trouble making myself get up to put him back into the pack-n-play.
 Morning snuggles in Mommy's and Daddy's bed.

 Bunny really loves reading books to him and he almost always pays attention unless something is really bothering him.

 Some quality time with Daddy before he has to go to work.

 Tummy time!
 "Playing" with his buddies at Bunny's preschool lesson.

 He kind of likes the way it feels when my hair grazes his face.  He inhales suddenly like he was shocked and then he smiles and/or giggles.

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