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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

13 Weeks

He's blowing raspberries this week--sometimes while he nurses which splatters me with milk.  He is very happy when he blows raspberries.

He has bald spots on the sides of his head.  Not quite in the back yet.

He's grabbing things more regularly and pulling them to his mouth.  He's more pawing at them than grabbing them, really, but if they happen to get within his open fingers, he'll hold them tightly--even more tightly if they're placed accurately within his opened fingers. He doesn't grasp with accuracy on his own, but he can get his hand on it and usually when he opens and closes his fingers (which is still partly reflex at this time) he manages to get the object or part of it within his grasp.

He grunts when exerting energy--like when trying to get something into his mouth.

He is spitting up more than before.  I put one of his spit up bibs on him, but then decided I didn't like that.  We just carry prefold diapers around everywhere now as burp cloths.

He is imitating speech patterns with his coos.

His 3-6 month clothing fits more snugly now, but we've also started putting flat diapers inside his pockets so that may be it.  Some of his 3 month clothing still fits as well, but only when he's really stuffed inside of it and it's stretched--which means I'm most likely ruining the clothes for a third child.

He seems to have had quite a growth spurt this week.  There's no way to really know what he weighs, but at the rate he was going and gaging by how heavy he feels now, we're guessing nearish to 15lbs?

He always sucks his fingers now and that pacifies him when he's not hungry or struggling with reflux...although, sometimes it helps his reflux if it's not that bad.

He has a sense of humor.  He laughs when something is unexpected to him--like my laugh or Miss Jenny tickling his chin. I can almost always get him to laugh at me, especially in the morning.

He giggles at me if I laugh or do something unexpected in my socialization with him.

He likes to wake up at 4:30 or 5 every morning and giggle and play.

I've started rubbing him down every day with coconut oil.  It seems to be helping the eczema that's sprouting up.

He has a spot on his belly that is either ringworm or eczema.  I can't figure it out.  I've been treating it with both Lotramin and tea tree oil, in addition to the coconut oil which is supposed to help both, so I've heard.

He may be nursing less frequently now which probably means he's getting more efficient.  It feels less "on-demand" and more scheduled, though it is certainly still on-demand.

He likes laughing so much that sometimes you can get him to smile and laugh while he's crying and upset.  It's so sweet!

He's really chill when not fussy.  He likes to be held and is very social but he's still pretty mellow.

We have a cooing game: he coos, I imitate, he laughs.

He sucks his fingers to his own satisfaction now and he doesn't need to be in a baby carrier anymore to do it well.

He's making consonant sounds in the back of his throat, mostly a gurgling or a throaty "G" sound.  He's also gurgling with his lips, if you can imagine that.

He still has fussy moments.  Wearing him in one of the baby carriers is a great way to help him through them.

He is still waking up 2-4 times a night but goes back to sleep now.

He's quite wide-eyed when awake.

He makes jerky motions with his head when sitting up.  It's not like he doesn't have head control, he can totally hold it up, but sometimes he's wobbly when moved around by Dave or I and when he looks around he's jerky.

He sleeps 3 or 4 naps a day with a big one in the middle of the day that lasts 2-4 hours.

We have some good times in the late afternoon chilling on my bed.  Asher looks around and drinks in the company of his mother and sister, Bunny plays and comes up with cute, creative games and stories, and I read and watch them and interact with them.  It's so chill and wonderful!

 He's so FAT!!!

He likes to grab my shirt when he nurses.  He nurses two ways--either fidgety with his arm flailing or grasping at my shirt or fingers, and sleepily where he nurses himself into an oxytocin coma and falls asleep.  If it's between his big afternoon nap and bedtime, he takes a light nap on my lap during the latter.  It will last around an hour.

 He has the coolest hand-me-down Baby Legs from a friend.  They're sweet! They make onsies warm and keep diaper changes from chilling the tiny legs.

 My little buddy!

I love when he falls asleep on me!

 Baby Bear and Bunny at dinner time...or is it lunch time?  I'm not sure.  This is where Baby Bear sits when we have our family meals.  He'll usually put up with it for about 10 minutes.  Evening isn't the easiest time of day for him, though so it's understandable.

 Bunny loves to stand at his head at diaper changes and interact with him and watch me.  Maybe one day I'll let her change the diaper...or try at least.  I remember my mom allowing me to change my little sister's diaper when I was her age.

 I love my men!

Daddy and Baby Bear have matching Superman shirts! I asked Dave to wear his with Bear to church this Sunday.  He begrudgingly agreed after I nagged just the littlest bit and then laid the shirt out for him.

He was so sleepy he stayed asleep when I held him up.  Actually, I think he'd roused for a moment but the second I put my thumb in his mouth he was gone again.

 Sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  We can actually do that now that it's autumn and it's not so hot!
 We put him in Bunny's princess chair because it's supportive and he could sit in it and watch us happily--which he did for awhile.  Then, I gave him Bunny's Sofia doll because she sings and I thought he'd enjoy the music.  Well, Bunny decided he needed another little buddy.  After a moment or two of this, he decided he'd had enough.  I don't know if it was because he was overwhelmed by dollies or if he was just tired of not being held, who knows?  It makes for a great picture, though.

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