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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

18 Weeks

He is very musical and just loves when I play the guitar and sing for him.  He squeals and giggles and smiles!

He scoots around a little on his back.  He doesn't do it to get anywhere, it just happens as he wiggles.
He very purposefully reaches for things that are within his grasp.

He can hold himself up while sitting for a second or two before falling over.  He doesn't seem to have any concept of balance yet.

He grunts when he goes to nurse or when he is intent on chewing something.

When he's awake and nursing and not ravenous or angry, he sucks, then pulls away and talks to me or just checks to see that I'm looking at him.  It's cute except for the fact that sometimes he pulls away quickly while still latched on.

He is very sensitive to sound--especially when sleeping.  We have to have white noise going during his naps if we want him to stay asleep while we run business as usual.

Rolling over wasn't really a priority for him towards the beginning of the week but towards the end, he was really truing to do it.  He hasn't rolled over on the floor and he hasn't tried on the bed since he did it a bit ago. 

He went in the church nursery for the first time on 11/3 and to daycare  for the first time on 11/5.  Cried both times.  He misses his Mommy.

Seems to need 12-15 ounces of breast milk while I'm gone in the  mornings.  This is much more than the 2-4 oz that his sister drank while I was gone.  We're still not sure of the exact amount of oz he'll need, though.  This is a rough, early estimate. 

He likes to chew on burp cloths and sleeves in addition to his teethers.

He regularly grabs any hair (or anything, really) that's within his reach.

This week was my first week back at work.

He sleeps better in the crib so as of Monday night, that's where he sleeps during the night now.

We try to practice "inversion" with him daily--but it ends up being a couple of times a week.  The chiropractor has had us do it for both kids until something like 18 months as it improves the health of their spine. 

He met a new little friend--only a couple days old--and completely dwarfed him.  He'll catch up, though!

He's so BIG!!!

He's a happy little guy!!!

...most of the time. :-)

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