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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

26 Weeks

I still spit a lot because there's something nauseating to me about swallowing my saliva and I've noticed that it's more mucousy than normal.  Not that I spent a lot of time spitting before I was pregnant, but anyway. 

Little Buddy really moves and stretches his body a lot.  I can sometimes feel him simultaneously down in my pelvis and up at my ribs. 

We can interact with him more.  He seems to respond better to touch and possibly sound. 

My farts are so gross! They just stink to high heaven! I normally don't have them til the end of the day, though. 

I had a couple of days there where I craved Snickers bars and they seemed to "help."  That passed quickly, though, which is probably good. 

I'm starting to feel something respiratory coming on, I'm keeping it away with hydrogen peroxide in my ears and the neti pot. 

My sinuses are still pretty dry.  I think it has to do with what my body is fighting. 

Super queasy and acidy towards the end of each day. I'm gonna try a different antacid. 

My varicose veins really, REALLY hurt.  That's nothing new, but it's still irritating. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

25 Weeks

I seem to be suffering from more stomach/digestive acid--especially afternoon to evening. 

Increased libido all pregnancy--maybe even more than when I'm not pregnant. Getting bigger makes it tougher, though. 

I'm feeling more subtle fetal movements in addition to the bigger ones.  I feel him moving even when it's something small. 

The bad taste in my mouth seems to have returned. 

I'm suddenly ravenous for dairy and cheeses--just not milk.  I'll have a sip of it here and there and it never settles well--leaves lots of bubbles in my system so I stay away. 

I seem to be going from deep, wonderful sleep to being awake more times in the night.  I always wake up a lot when I sleep but since being pregnant I've been able to go right back to sleep--at least during this second trimester.  Now, when I wake up, it's harder to fall back asleep.

There's still blood in my nose. Actually, my nose is quite sensitive and feels dry and awful lot.  I blow it frequently because I also have more mucous in it (which I chalk up to pregnancy) and the mucous is always bloody.  I take it that's because I have more blood flowing through me right now.  I mean, I never get a bloody nose, per say, I just have bloody mucous. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

24 Weeks
I actually look pregnant this week.  

I've been queasy every evening. 

My daughter's been REALLY into My Little Pony so we've been snuggling on the easy chair together every evening and watching an episode or two--depending on how queasy I am and how little I feel like moving to get her ready for bed.  Honestly, it's just easier to wait until her Daddy comes home to let him do it.  He gets home between 8 and 9pm most evenings.  I know it's terrible to let her stay up that late but I have two reasons for it: 1) I'm just not feeling well and 2) She gets to see a little more of her Daddy this way.  Usually, she doesn't go to bed right away if she stays up til he goes home because we don't want her to equate his arrival with bedtime.  We want them to get to play together.  

I've been painting Noelle's room and I feel better when I do it.  I just keep a cup of seltzer water on hand and put my iPhone on either the audio Bible or my iTunes and paint away.  

We bought the Sodastream machine--it lets you carbonate your water at home and it cost us about $80 but it will be less money in the long run because I was drinking so much Perrier and San Pellegrino that it was killing our grocery budget.  Now, we have to replace the C2O every 10 days or so which means that we have to add about $15 to our grocery budget.  That's less than the $30 per week we were looking at.  Since buying the Sodastream, I've been hydrated well for the first time all pregnancy.  My pee is no longer dark and/or cloudy, I'm peeing more often, and sometimes it's clear. 

My libido has been stronger all pregnancy.   With Bunny we didn't even have sex once a month but with the little Buddy I'd do it a couple of times a week if we saw each other that often.  This is just another one of my pregnancy suspicions come true.  I was convinced that women pregnant with boys gained less weight and enjoyed sex more and so far both have been true for me.  

I actually got sick!  Not pregnant sick but like really sick.  I got some sort of respiratory thing--a mild cold perhaps.  It wasn't that awful as colds go, but not something I enjoyed dealing with pregnant.  That disproved another pregnancy theory I had--that I couldn't get sick while pregnant because my immune system is so strong.  Still, in two pregnancies, that's the only time I got sick despite frequent exposure to germs and it passed very quickly, so I think my immune system might just be a little stronger during these 9 months. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

23 weeks

Still a name dilemma

There has been more vomiting this week.

He starts wiggling right when I start eating these days. 

I've been peeing a lot. 

I discovered that drinking sparkling water calms my stomach and helps me to get my liquids in.

I think I've been getting a couple of random Braxton Hicks. They feel differently than they did with Noelle because with her it felt like soft, menstrual cramps.  With him, I just feel my uterus hardening.

I'm still pretty snotty and congested without actually being sick.  

The baby is very active and has LOTS of hiccups.