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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

15 Weeks Old

He hasn't rolled over anymore.  I think that it could partially be because I don't give him occasion to do so.

He slept through the night three days in a row after becoming accustomed to sleeping on his belly.  Since then, he sleeps til 4 or 5 and usually goes back down shortly thereafter.

His reflux seems to be improving.

He's taking shorter naps.  I'm wondering if it's related to sleeping through the night.

He just loves to laugh and he's very social.

He seems to prefer me over anyone.

He loves Noelle and is fascinated by her but has started fussing more when she touches him.  I think he doesn't quite trust her as babies often do with people who aren't capable of taking care of them.  They can just tell when they're in good hands.

He's still spitting up a lot.

Some of his 3-6 month clothing is starting to get snug.

He's drooling a lot.

A lot of newborn reflexes are diminishing (yet I'm not sure if they're entirely gone), such as the startle reflex.  I don't know about the rooting reflex. He also doesn't point his fists in the direction of his head as much anymore.

His legs are stretching out.  I pulled him out of the newborn hold in the Moby so now his legs are out instead of curled up.

I think he was trying to join me one day when I sang to him.  He definitely loves to talk with me.

A crying face, because it's not accurate only to capture the happy moments.  All of it together makes his and our lives the wonderful Happily-Ever-Afters that they are!

 A visit with some old friends and then off to my 10 year reunion at EU.

 I love dressing him up like a little man for church!

 My sweet little boy.

Some more shots of Baby Bear with his sister Bunny.  

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