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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

31 Weeks

My glucose results came in and I failed.  This means that I either have to take a three hour test or test my sugar for two weeks.  Since the 3 hour tests requires actual fasting and then 3 hours of testing while hungry, there's no way I can do it.  I've opted for the 2 weeks of pricking my finger and controlling my diet. The nurse at the midwife's office thinks I might have failed since I took the test right after being sick.  My midwife seems to think it's possible that I have Gestational Diabetes because of Bunny's birth size and because of how quickly this baby is growing. 

I'm worried about this pregnancy now.  I'm worried I'm going to have to switch to an OB from my midwife, I'm worried that the baby is going to be too big and they're going to insist on a C-section.  I'm worried that my baby won't be healthy. 

I'm starting to feel sick again.

Friday, I had to ask Dave to pull over so I could throw up on the highway.

I'm trying to eat lower sugar and/or carbs but my body seems to want thinks like fruit juice and whole grain cereal.  Since I'm having trouble with the sparkling water alone sometimes, I've started mixing it with juice and that's seriously calming for my belly.

The bad taste in my mouth is back.

The baby likes to kick my ribs and the places deep in my pelvis.  It's painful.

Pregnancy insomnia has hit.  Last week, I was sleeping like a baby again.  This week, I'm uncomfortable an unable to sleep, though I suppose this is partly due to my recent glucose test results.

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