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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

32 Weeks

I started testing my sugar this week.  It's been right where it should be, except for a couple of times, usually in the mornings.  Exercise seems to really help keep it down.  Also, to keep my fasting numbers low, it seems to help if I snack in the middle of the night.  I've started eating salami and muenster once or twice a night.  Also, a snack of protein and carbs before bed helps.

I've been feeling better in the mornings since sugar testing.

I have total exhaustion.  I have been napping every day for over a week now.  If I don't nap, my body shuts down.

I threw up Kashi cereal once--Wednesday evening, the first night of sugar testing.

I have been feeling much better, overall.  I'm wondering if it's the new diet?  I hope not.  If I pass (as I feel I will) I plan on eating whatever I want. 

I threw up at Dave's family picnic.  I'm wondering if it was partly the exhaustion of a busy weekend and partly that I can no longer eat when I need to.

We've settled on the name I've been wanting forever.  I really wanted to make sure it was a name that my husband loved too, and he has grown to love it.

Sleeping (at night) is getting more achy and difficult.  I still sleep well when I sleep but I usually wake up a few times uncomfortable, hot, or hungry, and need to eat and then turn on the TV to go to sleep.  They say sleeping with the TV isn't good, but if that's the truth, why do I fall asleep every time I turn it on? 

I'm feeling like I'm missing out on Noelle's life again.  I get easily short with her and often need to just rest without her wiggling beside me.  I listen and watch her play with her Daddy and get so jealous that I can't be there with them.  I try to snuggle and pur into her when I'm capable, but it's not as often as either she or I would like.  I don't want to lose the wonderful relationship we had before I got pregnant.  I feel like I've been partly missing out on the past 7 months of her life.  When the baby comes, I'll be better capable of playing with her, but I'll also have less time to do so. 

Smells are bothering me again.  

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