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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sewing Projects for my Baby Boy!

This little guy already has more cloth diapers than he'll ever need, thanks to a hefty stash passed down from his big sister, but still, I can't seem to stop sewing him more.  Diapers are so fun and easy to make--especially covers when you use Fold Over Elastics (which I buy from  I found this great PUL at Hobby Lobby and with my 40% off coupon I bought a yard for $8.99.  Mostly, I bought it because I need a couple new wet bags for the diaper bag--at least one--but I couldn't resist another diaper cover! What a pushover I am!

I also made him quite a considerable stash of newborn AIO diapers from a little online diaper retailer that closed awhile back.  They sold diaper kits which was basically everything you need to sew a diaper all cut out and ready for you to make it.  They were awesome and I'm so sad they closed, but I bought a bunch of their kits when they went on clearance as they were closing.  A friend of mine did too and I sewed them all and made a nice, hefty newborn stash for the two of us to share.  Here's one of those diapers--it's so cute! My daughter used a doll and some of the new diapers to practice diaper changing for a bit. It was a great way for her to participate in what I was doing without actually being able to sew with me. She normally sits on my lap when I sew, but since my lap is quickly disappearing, that's not really possible right now.

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