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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

30 Weeks
I got a stomach bug that made my nausea and gas almost as bad as the first trimester.  I didn't even know it was a stomach bug until Noelle started throwing up.  It just felt like pregnancy--nothing was different but sudden, uncontrollable vomiting. I called my poor midwife twice and freaked out over the phone with her complaining that nothing was helping.  She suggested I had a stomach bug but I was sure it wasn't.  I called her back when Noelle threw up and said she was probably right.  I have so much digestive trouble with this pregnancy, she had a hard time believing that I never have these types of problems not pregnant.  I had to tell her twice that this only happens pregnant.  When I'm not pregnant I can tolerate anything.  Anyway, she decided to switch me back to Protonix instead of Zantac and advised I use either Beano or Gas X to help with the gas.  The Beano did nothing, but the Gas X helped considerably. 

My mom visited.  It was God's perfect timing because she was here the entire time my body was recovering from the bug. 

The last three days of this week I felt better than I have yet during this pregnancy.  I was able to finish the last bit of painting on Noelle's room, and also her curtains. 

Tuesday, I took the glucose test.  I almost threw the juice up.  I couldn't fast, but ate and egg and cheese before hand.  I finished it then grabbed a Bacon Egg and Cheese bagel at McDonalds (the only McD food I EVER eat, and then, only rarely) and went home.  In about 2 hours, I felt better, like the sugar took that long to make its way out of my system.

With Protonix, the sparkling water sometimes makes the pregnancy sickness worse.  Sometimes, it still helps.  

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