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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

33 weeks

At the beginning of the week I was feeling awful.  I think it was due to the low carb diet.  I was starving all the time.  I have a stash of deserts waiting til next Wednesday.  However, towards the end of this testing period, I was feeling really great--other than the constant craving of foods I can't have.  Today, as I start my 34th week, I finally finished testing and had a bunch of sugar.  Idon't feel so good on the sugar so I'm going to continue to monitor myself no matter what my midwife says--I'm just not going to be as restrictive unless it turns out I do have Gestational Diabetes.

I'm having some smelly discharge

I've been going to the chiropractor weekly now to avoid the baby being breech.

I get lots and LOTS of Braxton Hicks contractions every time I change positions.  I called Rosie and she said that as long as there aren't 5 or more in an hour and as long as they go away when I lie down and I can talk and walk through them, they are false contractions.  She also suggested more water so I've been trying to drink more than normal.  I've noticed that the more I drink, the less contractions I have, though I still get them when changing positions.  Also, I'm peeing more.  SO much more!

My body tires easily.

I've been exercising regularly.  It turns out that the belly dancing I've been doing is a lot of the same stuff Rosie wants us doing in preparation for labor and delivery.

I started birthing classes.  They were so much fun! We learned a lot and then practiced breathing, massage, and exercises.  IT was so nice to have Dave there beside me timing my breathing and telling me what to do.  I really feel that I'm not alone in this now.

Asher's been getting hiccups again.  I hadn't felt them in a long time.

He seems to be head down because I feel his feet up at my ribs or in my right side.  Also, I often feel his little hands in my pelvis.

I wake up frequently in the middle of the night, but I sleep very well when I sleep and I fall back to sleep easily.

I don't waddle all the time like I did with Noelle--only when I'm tired or at the end of the day when everything seems to be pushing downward.

I went off of Protonix sometime last week and thought I could be medicine free--I was for 3-4 days--but then started feeling the need for Zantac again.  I gradually got back up to taking it twice a day but I'm really feeling well.  My body doesn't seem to be hating on the Zantac like before. 

I didn't think I could survive on just sparkling and regular water during the diabetes testing but I did.  I think going back to Zantac helped.  I seem to tolerate it more when I'm on Zantac. 

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