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Friday, March 6, 2015

Six Weeks Pregnant


Mild nausea came on 8/28 and was managed by food and carbonated water and digestion support after the morning had passed.

I hate mashed potatoes. But right now the very things I hate abut them make me roll back my eyes on delight and calm my stomach. So weird!

Nausea is increasing a little every day. Still haven't thrown up yet.

I hate peppermint EO! I loved peppermint with Baby Bear's pregnancy. I put lemon EO in u water bottle.

Not sleeping well at night and not super sleepy during the day.

3/3- threw up a tiny bit for the first time and also took Zantac for the first time.

3/4- couldn't sleep all night. Threw up in the early am. Feeling horrible. Really, really bad.
3/5 morning sickness has really settled in. Yesterday I was less nauseated by noon but still feeling awful. I felt awful most of the day. Ironically some martins rolls calmed my stomach yesterday. I went to the chiropractor for lower back pain and he adjusted lots of things including my round ligament. I haven't thrown up yet today. I think it's safe to say this is going a bit better than Baby Bear's

The vomiting seems to be limited to the morning so far. My highest levels of hormones will be in the next two weeks so I'm praying I can get through it.

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