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Monday, March 2, 2015

20 Months Old

 He is starting to string words together. He says "No Mommy!" And "uh...nope!" And "I (ah) sit," or "I poop."

He grabbed my face and turned it towards him to plant a nice kiss on my lips while i was lying down one day.

He pulls his head up from nursing and points at my nipple and said, "Watah. Mah watah." I corrected him and told him it was milk, which he pronounces "melp." Up until this point milk is the stuff from the fridge. Now he's going to be really confused!

Asher's learning the house rule that a meal not eaten becomes your next meal. He has tried every tactic he knows to get out of it too--grabbing a Baggie of food from his diaper bag and even pushing chairs up to the counter so he can try to climb up and reach the snacks he wants.

He's having a lot of emotional growing pains. Lots of yelling, hitting, screaming, and throwing. He's also super clingy with me. 

He asked to walk repeatedly while we were doing errands. He realizes he's being restrained and he is resisting it.

 He's transitioned to one nap.

He says thank you (tih too) and okay at appropriate times and all on his own. He says come and again and Um and lots of other small things that he hears us say a lot.  He also can say "welcome."

He says "mon" for "C'mon

He asked me for water and when I gave it to him he said "thank you" without being told to do so. 

He brought me the Bible and started flipping through it saying "Bible," and then he started singing "Jesus, Jesus" with his own little tune over and over. 

He can climb up onto the counter and into and out of his high chair. 

"Mommy! (giggles) Honey! (more giggles) Ah-corn! (popcorn)" -Asher 

Asher: peshal.
Me: You are special!
Asher: I peshal. I peshal. 

Asher has been exhibiting anger with lots of hitting,  throwing things, and throwing himself. I discovered I'm pregnant the end of this month and I'm trying to cut back on nursing and he's responding with this anger.  I've tried feeding him cows milk in a bottle to give him the same comfort snuggles, but that only worked for a day.  He doesn't usually nurse to drink, he nurses for comfort.  Otherwise, he drinks from a cup.  

He loves watching What's in the
bible "Bible!" And Micky Mouse Clubhouse ("Mouse!")

Asher: (holds up a diaper) Biaper!
Me: Put it in the basket! Good boy!
Asher: (still holding up diaper) Boy!
Me: No, Asher, you are a boy. Asher is a boy!
Asher: Aser a boy!

Asher was spinning around the room saying, "Spin, spin! All done! All done! Spin!" Then he fell down and said, "Woah!"

He mimicks everything.

He is into everything in a very curious and accidentally destructive way 

 He and his sister are learning to play so well together.  First, Buddy was the baby, then Baby Bear was and he submitted to his sister's babying very well!

 He likes to color while his sister is doing her schoolwork.

 They love bathtime! His sister loves it more now that he joins her because he makes baths so much fun!

 He also likes wearing headbands and hats on his head.

 I made this Mike Wazowski costume for his sister years ago and she NEVER WEARS it so I gave it to him.  Right now while he doesn't really fight me, I'll have him wear it.

Making a Father's day present for his Daddy.  

Sometimes he submits to all his brand of play.  Sometimes he likes it.  When he doesn't, he lets her know by yelling.  I'm trying to work with him on that.  One day we'll get him to use his words instead.

 I found out I am pregnant at the end of the month.  It was a shock!  Baby Bear isn't going to be the baby anymore come October or November.

 He is a very good boy when he gets his chiropractic adjustments.

 Snuggles with Daddy on Saturday before he left for work.
 Bunny is learning to change his diaper.  Not the poopy ones, just the wet ones.

 He likes to come downstairs with me when I do the laundry.  We have a room full of toys and stuff we don't use anymore and he likes to wander through there playing.  His sister does too.  If she's not doing chores, she always joins us.

 I just love watching them play together.  He really looks up to her.

 Anna and Elsa came to visit my school and both my kids were pretty excited.

 Some sensory play in one of the kindergarten classrooms.

 Checking out the rats in the biology classroom.

 I don't remember the reason for this pitiful face.  Poor, little sweetie pie!

 Apparently, he was having a needy day.  I don't remember him being sick at all in February. 

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