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Saturday, March 21, 2015

8 Weeks Pregnant


Oh the acid! Last night it became unbearable and yesterday I ended up vomiting 4x due mostly to acid. I went to bed with Zantac, tums, and digestion support and woke with burning pain that was only alleviated with more vomiting. I called Rosie this morning and she suggested switching to Malox and Pepsid AC. If that doesn't work we will go to Protonix. I kind of hope we end up with Protonix. We had issues with it with my second pregnancy, but it was reliable despite that.

Pepcid AC and Digest Pregnancy has made this a much better week than last week

Digestion Pregnancy is a lifesaver! Ever since I started using it yesterday, things have improved so much! I'm still nauseated but it's so much better now!

I don't remember when I measured last but I was 32 inches a week or so ago. Now my waist is 33 1/2. :-)

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