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Saturday, March 28, 2015

9 Weeks Pregnant

Digest pregnancy isn't working as well this week. Sunday and Monday were pretty rough.

Monday I started getting blurred vision from elevated blood pressure (130/90) caused by dehydration.  My vision improved when I forced myself to drink but my nausea increased. I leaft one period early and my blood pressure was 130/70 which the OB/Midwife office thought was just fine.   

Tuesday I started feeling well enough to make dinner and granola, but during the night the acid got very bad and I threw up acid in the early am and the early afternoon. The nausea was gone and if it hadn't been for the acid I'd feel great! I got a prescription for Protonix. We'll see if it helps like it did for Asher.

This is the most unbearable week so far. The acid is worse than the nausea which is also
Bad, when I don't have one I have the other and both affect what I need to eat in opposite ways and it feels impossible to find something to eat. If I don't eat, though, the nausea and vomiting becomes unbearable.

The end of the week got better, when I discovered steeping ginger in hot water. My afternoons were okay--like 12-4ish. I also feel better at home than at school.

I'm still throwing up once or twice a day

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