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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

47 weeks old

He has this cute little dance he does with his shoulders when he's sitting down.  It happens when he's excited, when something he wanted was taken away, when he anticipates something he can't get yet, and even when he hears music.

He makes this really silly face when happy or sad or just because he loves you and wants you to react.  He squints his eyes and smiles and sometimes shakes his head.

He's so busy and determined!

He's also clingy.  He will play by himself until I leave the room and then he needs to be held for 10-30 minutes until he recovers from my absence.

He hasn't been falling asleep at 7pm anymore.  It's probably because it stays light past 8pm these days.

When the sweet little boy gets into the bed with us in the middle of the night. He means to be still.  He lays there and tries to get comfortable for a bit and then he can't contrrol the excitement about being with Mommy and Daddy in a bed that's so much cooler than his so he starts break-dancing and giggling and tickling his daddy.  I try to calm him down, but at this point he's too psyched so I have to put him in his crib.  He knows the deal once he's there and calms down and actually sleeps then.

He HATES the pack-n-play.  HATES it.  Actually, hate isn't strong enough of a word.  I've been trying to get him used to it, but he just screams until he chokes on his own screams.  His sister will sit in there with him to try to calm him down while I do things that he can't be near such as frying hot oil, but it's to no avail.  I have to remind myself that I'm doing it for his own good.  He's safer in there.

 He made friends with this one rather quickly.

 He discovered this red four-wheeler.  He loves it.

 He likes to make zrbbts on bare skin or the leather couch.

 His sister greeting him at one of his last days of daycare.

 He fidgets with my shirt when nursing and also wiggles around a lot.

 He got to hang out with my parents.  He liked them but was super clingy to me when they were here.

 His silly sleeping position!

 His reaction to trying a lemon for the first time...but he went back for more.

 He over-ate at Cracker Barrel.  We didn't realize it at first.  He was happy and giggly.  We took him to the park and then came home and put him to bed and he started screaming a bit differently from the crib and Dave and I knew there was a problem and he'd thrown up his meal.  He threw up everything in his stomach over the course of the next few hours

 This is right after he was throwing up.  Poor baby!  We kept him with us in our bed most of the night after that.

 He likes my cup.  This is the cup I drink my iced coffee from most mornings.

 Nonno was trying to get the little guy to play with him. 

He discovered his sister's tent--and loved it.  We've since purchased a tent of his own that he'll get for his birthday.  

He was so excited about that silly piece of plastic in his hand.

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