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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

46 weeks old

If the boy is tearing apart his carseat, he's probably too old for it. We need to move him from the infant seat, but have yet to do so.

He's not as clingy this week unless he's hungry or sleepy.  He's cruising around the house now and likes his independence to discover his world.

He's got some b's, n's, and v's in his phoneme dictionary now!

He dances with his little shoulders.

He's crawling, scooting, sitting, spinning on his butt, and pulling up to standing all the time! I found him standing in his crib for the very first time.

He's starting to clap and really likes to wave.  He was clapping during the worship at church.

Rarely falling asleep at the breast anymore--especially at bedtime.

He likes the bathtub a lot!

He's a curious, little explorer.

He really likes the computer keyboard.

He got to wear a firehat at his cousin's birthday party.  He didn't like it. 

His sister just LOVES to carry him around.  Sometimes he thinks it is funny and sometimes he's not amused.

He got to meet some P-mount folk too!

With his Grandpa.  His Grandpa looks so much like his Daddy!

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