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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

44 weks old

Me: He hugged me yesterday--little arms around my neck!
Dave: He bit me yesterday--little teeth into my shoulder.

He's getting to a sitting position on his own.  We knew he could do it because he did it once on his own months back, but now he's choosing to do it continuously on his own.

He's pulling himself up to his feet or knees for short heights.  In the second picture he actually moved himself from the couch to the ottoman.  Sweet!

He says, "Ha! Ha! Ha!" right before nursing or getting something he really wants.

Bless his heart, my son kept us up all night with vomiting and a fever and at 6am he was still acting like the world was ending so I called for a sub and ran to school in my pajamas to set up sub plans.  I get home, wiped at 7:30am and he wakes up from his nap on his exhausted Daddy's shoulder and smiles like nothing's wrong.  He proceeded to play and giggle the rest of the day.  I wished I would have known he'd be better so quickly because I would have gone to school. 

His personality is really coming through!  His reactions to his sister--both positive and negative--and to correction crack me up. When corrected, he makes his flirty, winky, blinky, fake smiley face. He has all sorts of reactions to his sister from grunting and screaming to squealing with delight.

He doesn't like to share me with his sister. 

He is still completely attached to me.

He does a little wave type thing with his hand and wrist.  I'm not sure he's waving, per say, but he seems to like doing that motion.

He's rounding up the week with more crawling/scooting.

Sometimes when you tell him, "No eat,"  he just throws the thing because that's all he wanted to do with it.

There's been lots of shrieking, usually happy.

He likes to make zrbbt noises by opening his mouth on my arm, his arm, my leg, or the leather couch and blowing.  He also gets as close as he can to biting without actually doing it when hes mouth is open on someone's skin.

He is very fidgety when nursing and has to have his hand up my shirt or grabbing my shirt.  I've tried to hold his hand but it irritates him to the point that he can't keep nursing.  

Sitting with Daddy in the car while I ran some errands. 
His first time at The School Sale at my school.  He's too young to have an opinion about it, though.  :-)
He ate some pancakes with us. 
I think we even gave him a bite of whoopie pie--terrible, I know.  But where we live, it's one of the major staple foods so he's got to start sometime!

Here he is exhausted after a long morning at my school's big sale.

The following are pictures of his first time in a petting zoo--at Dutchfest still. 

And he loves the swing. 
He really likes eating cheese. 

I think this was his first cookie ever.  He's able to eat more and more finger foods. 

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