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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

48 weeks old

He saw his sister with a bagel in the car and started begging her for some.

He wants to go outside.  He cries when we go near the door but don't go out.  He loves it outside!

He loves the swing and reached for it eagerly when we were across the yard from it.  When we get to the swing he immediately gets to his belly and hangs his head over the front edge and flops.  Then he reaches his hand through a space between the bar and the fabric.

I find him both standing or sitting in the crib when he's finished napping.  This is both new and newly regular.

 He reaches and sort of points with his whole hand.  He also waves but I'm still not sure he means it as a wave.

He regularly says b's, n's, and even now and then I hear a few m sounds.  Also, he says something akin to a Chinese l/r.

He's trying to find something behind his shelf, I think.  He investigates everything and tries to take it apart.

 This is what he prefers to do when I try to change him.  He'll do this every time if I don't hold him down.

 Who is that??? Wait, is that Mommy?  Mommy! Can I have it?!?!?

 Hanging out with friends at Miss Nina's shower.

 Daddy snuggles after a super long day!

 This is his first time sitting at the table with the "big" kids in the church nursery!  I love how he stuck his little feet up on the table. 

 His reaction when I told him not to bite the chair.

 And sometimes, he's still so exhausted at nap time he actually falls asleep with me.  It's precious.

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