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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

45 weeks old

I'm pretty sure that "Da da" actually meant "Daddy" during a FaceTime call with Dave.

He doesn't listen to his sister when she says things like, "No eat," or "No bite." He doesn't take her seriously. She's also a bit more frantic and frustrated when she says it and she often tells him those things when it's not really necessary. In any case, he recognizes that she has very little authority.

He has discovered the thrill of the chase. He doesn't really try to get away, though, because he's too excited to be caught! I say, "Baby Bear, I'm coming to get you!!!" and he takes two or three very fast crawling paces away from me, then lays there bouncing and flopping and giggling, and checking to see if I'm coming. He loves it!

He loves to throw things when he's angry.

He tries to figure out how to put shapes and animals in their holes in his safari truck and his shape sorter. He likes putting things inside containers. Case in point: the Noah's ark toy. Also, the bathtub. He's a little sorter.

He's pulling himself up, sitting up, and does a tiny bit of cruising. He's also climbing and crawling over things. He's very active.

He loves the swing!

He's almost outgrown his infant seat.  We have one larger carseat but we need one more for Daddy's car so we're in the market for one.

He was really interested in Daddy's guitar and amp.  He especially loved the wires. 

He's starting to fit in at the nursery with the other little kids.  He can interact with them just a tad bit more. 

He ate his first Indian food on a trip to visit a friend in the hospital.

He just loves taking a walk in his stroller.   

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