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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

43 weeks old

Here's a nice comparison of him and his sister at 43 weeks:

He's started bouncing up and down rapidly when kneeling against Daddy and holding himself up.

He understands some more words and phrases.  For instance, when I say, "Time for bed," he starts crying and fighting me.

His favorite toys are the wooden puzzles and his wooden safari truck.  He also loves my keys.

He's very curious and always investigating things closer either by sight or by touch.

He says, "dat."

He's really drooly.

He shakes his head.

He's very, very clingy.

He still doesn't get to a sitting position on his own or pull himself to standing.  It worries me because babies younger than him do those things.  His sister did by this point.  He is starting to make some progress in that area--like the above photo with the guitar case. 

He's started to have really giggly, energetic, bouncy spells before bed and nap and sometimes just because.  I've taken to letting him really explore in his room at this time to get all his wiggles out and have more free reign.

He likes to stick his hand up my shirt when nursing.  (And for the record, that bit of skin is just my arm.  Though I'm all about a woman being able to nurse uncovered and I don't ever use a cover, I also don't like being exposed.  I cover up as much as I can without actually using a cover, basically.  :-)

He still has a biting problem.

Daddy says he pulled himself to standing twice with him.

Here he is visiting Daddy at work.  He's a favorite of all Daddy's coworkers.  In fact, Daddy rarely holds him when he's there because the ladies are holding him.

Morning Bible time!

He gets so excited when we come to get him at daycare.  Usually I get Bunny first and then pick him up--that is when she's not still eating lunch.  When that happens, she goes and greets him and he smiles and flip-flops and then looks for me.  You can tell it's the highlight of his morning!

He actually sat quietly through one of my Spanish lessons! I took a picture and unfortunately I didn't notice that his sister was digging in her nose.

He was frustrated he couldn't eat this chalk.

He loves doggies, and dirt, and grass, and anything he can dig his hands into for exploring purposes.

His first baseball game!  We went to a game at the high school where I teach. 

One of his last dance classes--in other words, one of the last dance classes we had to sit through. 

He is always very interested in the guitar.  Always. 

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