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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

39 weeks old

He's starting to stand when he can hold onto stuff.  He can climb down to do it but can't get up to do it on his own.  He needs assistance getting settled.  He's wobbly.

I'm trying to remember to read to him more.  I don't do it nearly enough.  I spent so much time and effort building his sister's vocabulary at this age and I barely read once or twice a week to him.  I just don't have the time.  It makes me so sad.

He loves eating finger food and he's very good at it.  Also, it's a good way to keep him occupied.

We moved the walker up a notch.  He was getting too tall for the lowest setting.

He waved goodbye to me as I left for work this morning! It made my heart just melt.

He's really getting around!
Sometimes I put him on his big sister's bed when she's having difficulty waking up from nap.  He thinks it's fantastic.  He loves his sister's room probably because there's so much to see and he rarely gets in there.

His routine at dance class--he flirts with Miss Sue and makes friends with the little girls and with another baby a couple months younger than he.

We were on a drive together.  His sister told us she didn't see him breathing but she was sure he was okay and that he was turning a little blue.  I don't know how she perceived either but I was glad that I could see him for myself so I didn't freak out!

He loves sticking out that little tongue when we react to it.  He doesn't do it all the time anymore but when he does it and gets a reaction, it continues.

Our daily naptime routine--nurse until he falls asleep in the crook of my arm. 

This was probably a Sunday because Daddy was with us.  It's so nice when Daddy is with us!

These grocery store cars are one of his favorite things! 

He enjoys discovering brushes.  This one is his (once his sister's) newborn brush.  Now that he has hair again, I can actually use it!

Sweet little man standing up with his sister, looking out the window.

We put these on them every chance they get because they both won't fit them for much longer!

We're finally taking walks now that warm weather has arrived.  He'll sit in his front seat for good, long walks and never complain.  He's so entertained in this stroller!

Another, cute, weekly photo from this week.  I just love him so!

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