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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

41 weeks old

He is crawling--like real crawling, not just his army crawl/floppy seal thingy.  He still does that, but he crawls in addition to it.  I can't wait to get the rug back into the living room because I think he'll find it easier to crawl with that. 

He is an indiscriminate eating machine!  He is not picky at all.  He'll eat anything and everything. 

He's babbling more.  He spent all day Saturday saying "Dadadadadadadaa!"

He growls a lot.  He also makes other funny noises that are hard to describe or reproduce.  They're weird, gurgly things that happen in the back of his throat or sound more like an animal.  When he's interested in something he says, "ooh, ooh, ooh!"  They're also generally happy noises. 

He's not standing against much furniture on his own any more after a little spill he had a week or two ago where he hit his head.  Also, we don't have the carpet anymore so I don't encourage it as much.  Sometimes he gets scared and shaky when he is propped against something while standing. 

He rode in a swing for the first time and LOVED it! He oohed and giggled and smiled!  His sister then came over and pushed him.  It was sweet!

I don't remember if I said this in the previous weeks or not but he's a pretty obedient baby.  He usually obeys me when I say "No eat" or "No touch," or at least he tries.  Sometimes he just ignores me, but mostly if he doesn't want to obey he grumbles and grunts about it, showing frustration that he can't do what he wants.  His sister never paid me any mind and just did whatever.  I just didn't think she understood yet, and maybe she didn't, but he seems to sort of get it.  It's pretty cool!

It's interesting watching his relationship with his sister develop.  Sometimes he looks to her like an adult or mommy figure, sometimes a playmate, sometimes a toy, and lately he's more aware that she isn't as competent as an adult when she interacts with him and he will fuss and complain when she gets in his face too much or is too smothering.  It's a fine line she walks when she tries to interact with him because in one moment he's giggling his head off and the next he's just done. 

He's also crawling pretty quickly now towards the end of the week.  He alternates real crawling for his army craawling.  With this, comes the honing in on the special toys his sister is playing with such as a castle she's building or a set of plastic puppies she's made a "house" for.  This makes her very nervous and he just giggles because he thinks it's all a game.

His dimples really show when he's manipulating solid finger foods in his mouth.  I'm not exactly sure how he processes it--whether or not he bites it first, gums it, or just sucks on it--probably all of the above.  He certainly shovels it in, though!

He's really not a fan of baths.  He's scared when he's in the tub --especially when water gets poured on his head--even just in trickles.  

A sweet little handprint from pre-nap snuggles.  

Fun in the park.  He can't really play WITH his sister yet but they still both have fun.  

A good, confined place to sit while I was sick on Sunday--yes, again.  Twice in one week--yeesh!

Boy does this one love dogs! He is so fascinated by them, and has no fear of them whatsoever.   He gets really frustrated when they won't let him touch them.  He tried to put this one in his mouth.  It felt weird warning the owners of the dog that our son might bite.

Some rare, calm snuggles. Love to snuggle, but usually he wants to be in my lap moving and moving.

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