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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

38 weeks old

He's learning how to wave.

He's more determined to do things his own way.

He's into studying things and experimenting with them.

He doesn't like when I read books for him because he gets frustrated when I don't allow him to eat the book.

Now that he's scooting forward he's so busy. He's getting into everything.

He's feeding himself finger foods like a champ!

He has two more teeth coming in on the top. This was just as unexpected as the other 4 teeth were. He will have a total of 6 teeth once their through--and his sister didn't even have one yet at this point in her life.

He growls a lot. It's usually when he's happy, excited, or studying something new that he's really interested in.

Daycare won't allow him to have the teething necklace on when he's there which is a shame since it's really helping him.

Dave made some mashed potatoes with a lot of garlic and onion in them and we froze a lot for Baby Bear and when he eats them, he has very strong smelling pee and smells like garlic for a good 12 hours or more.

At his sister's dance class, he was so curious that he craned his neck to see inside the open door, holding himself up by his Daddy's ear.  It was so funny!

A facetime call on the day when I had in-service all day. 

After a full day of not seeing me he was disheartened to hear my voice and not be able to be held by me.  We hung up because it was just too sad for him and us. 
We've found that the most effective way to bathe him is with one of us because it's quick and he's not a fan of the bathtub.  He's okay with being with us in the shower, unlike his sister at this age.  He doesn't freak out like she did. 

Making a little baby friend. 

Discovering his toes with Miss J. 

Making a new friend of an old friend.

What he sometimes does when he feels he's been in the high chair for too long.

We visited Grammy and Carl.

He really liked this throw blanket that Grammy gave him (made by her mom). 

He actually participated in Spanish class for a few minutes the one day. 

He LOVES his toothbrush so much!!!

He's not a fan of the pack n play but he does like to stand. 

Watching with interest as his sister plays bingo.

He saw something on the ground he was interested and dove down to get it while i saved him with the quick inward motion of my thighs.  It was lucky I happened to have the camera pointed on him!  One of the best pictures ever!

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