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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

36 Weeks Old


I saw Asher take his first crawling step forward--just barely, with one hand.  Then, he threw himself onto his belly.  He's definitely moving forward now.

He's very curious and all about experimenting with things.

I took him to the ER because I wanted to be sure he hadn't swallowed some of my father's heart medicine (We found a couple of vitamin E capsules on the floor from his medicine bag), and he hadn't.  We discovered he weighs 9.1 kg or 20lbs when we were there.  He hasn't gained anything lately.

He likes new environments.  He thought the crib in the ER was fantastic.  He hates his crib at home.

Bath time after a trip to the hospital.  Hospitals and doctor's offices are always full of the most malignant germs! I'm not a germaphobe unless I'm in one of those places. 

He likes playing with the pots and the pans in the kitchen while I work.  It's a new thing. 

He really likes dropping things.

He grunts and pushes at his sister if she gets too huggy or her attention is uncomfortable, but he also thinks she's really hilarious. 

He sat up once from laying down when he was in the crib.  I didn't actually see him do it, I just saw that he was sitting and I put him in there on his belly.  His lip was bleeding when I found him so we're not sure how that happened--probably banged his little face against the bars :-(. It was a sad occasion for a milestone.

He got a nasty stomach bug.  It was the first time he's been sick! He threw up about 30 minutes after every feeding and when he throws up it's almost like he's choking--it's so scary!  I had to change my outfit three times over the course of it. 

He lived in the Moby or the Boba, whined and moaned all day, slept more than normal, and took all his naps with me.  I had to pace and pace and pace to keep him content and content wasn't really content at all. 

He was so miserable, poor baby!

I spent a lot of that day watching Downton Abbey.

We tried Gerber finger food for the first time--puffs and yogurt bites.  He threw it up, but it was right at the end of his stomach bug so that probably contributed to it.

I feel like he is skinnier after  his stomach bug.   He was throwing up everything so, maybe I shouldn't have, but with him throwing everything up, I started limiting his feedings so it wouldn't all hit his belly at once.  He didn't throw up after the little feedings so at least I knew he was keeping something down.  Hopefully that also kept him from losing too much weight.  He's a chunker to begin with so that helped, at least, but I'm sorry to see some of his fat layer go. 

He is starting to let me put him down at bedtime when he doesn't fall asleep after nursing. 

He's much needier after his stomach bug.  He cries anytime I leave the room. 

 His stomach bug hit fast! These were taken the morning it hit him.  Then, we all went to the dump together and he fussed the entire car ride--uncharacteristic for him--and when we got home and were ready to run some errands, he threw up.  I thought it was a fluke, until I ran over to a friend's house to drop off a meal and ran into some people from the etiquette class and found out their kids were all throwing up too. 

  A couple of times during the bug, I let him play with the pots and that gave me a moment or two to get some small things done.  Mostly, though he just stayed with me.

 I took him outside--I believe this was the first time he's played outside since he was born! The last time it was nice enough to do so, he was too small.  His sister was sleeping. 

 After his sister woke up, we went outside again and he got to discover some earthy treasures she was loathe to share.

 His crawling isn't really crawling--it's more like army crawl/inching.  He pushes up and then falls down which brings him about an inch or so closer to the thing he wants.

 More time playing outside--this time in the backyard.

 His first time in the sandbox--oh the joy!

 When he doesn't feel like eating with a spoon, I let him enjoy playing with his food, only because my friend who's an expert at baby feeding and swallowing told me it's good for him.

 He never sleeps on his back so it was a treat to find him this way!

 Chewing on his sister's Boo dolly, and giggling when he accidentally pressed the button that made her speak to him.

 First time at the Chick-Fil-A playroom.

 Against my better judgement, I let him taste his sister's lollipop. 

 One of his cute, conversational faces at the dinner table.

 Baby in the hamper! He was only there for a second but his sister thought it was great!

Daddy's the strongest man in the world! Also, quite tired after just waking up in the am.

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