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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

35 Weeks old

I've started trying to give Asher a bedtime and a bit of a routine.  I'd like to get him down between 7 and 7:30 every night without having to nurse him to sleep.  I still want to nurse him before bed, but hopefully, that doesn't mean I'll have to actually nurse him to sleep because some days he doesn't fall asleep at his night nursing.

He does what we call vigorous "fish flopping" when he's on his belly or suspended in the air by our hands.  It happens when he's most excited.

He got his first time out when he giggled me after biting while nursing.  I raised my voice and said, "NO," quite sternly and he thought it was a fun, Mommy game so I put him in his bed so he'd associate the time alone in the crib (which he hates) with the action of biting. He seemed to understand then.

He's definitely started playing the dropping (and sometimes throwing) game.  He likes it best when someone's actively engaging in picking the dropped thing up.  At dinner time, however, when we're all engaged in eating, it often means he tosses all his toys to the floor and has nothing to play with--that is when he's finished eating.  When he does finish eating, he gets to play with the bowl and the spoon so those get dropped too.

He like handing his toys to me.  I say, "For me? THANK YOU!" and hand them back and say, "Here you go!" and he loves it.  He giggles and giggles.  Again, social interaction is the key, here.

He got his first solid poop! This is good because it makes it easier to get the poop off the diapers.  It's "bad" because it means he's growing up way too fast.  Maybe it's gross, but I miss the newborn poops.

He says "Oh" and "Ooooh" all the time and sometimes "Uh, uh, uh."  He doesn't do lots of consonants.  He can do them, he just doesn't do them often at all.

His third and fourth teeth came out this week.

He's starting to find tiny things and put them in his mouth.  He still gags and throws up when he gets something in his mouth--anything in his mouth.

When he's on Dave's lap (and sometimes mine) he scoots down to the floor and sort of tries to hold onto things.  He's been doing that a little bit more and more lately. 
He is fascinated by Noelle as always.  They have a good sibling relationship so far.

He met Buddy, the doll, and thought he was rather interesting. 

He is very curious and all about getting into things and discovering them with his mouth. 

He loves to hang around my "tupperware" cabinet.  He gets free rein of it, just like his sister did at his age, and still does now that he's into it.

I'm thinking this is one of the last times he'll wear this adorable bear suit.  I'll miss it next year! He gets so many compliments in it, though he absolutely hates it. 

His new trick this week is sticking out his cute, little tongue!

He enjoys being upside down.  He always has. 

Just a typical naptime.  I rarely take pictures of them, though.

Now that he's moving around, he gets himself into some tight spots!

He LOVES the vacuum cleaner! When I turn it on, his sister runs screaming to the nearest couch or to the next room and he starts fish flopping with arms and legs wildly waving (and usually some excited grunting too) while he attempts to grab it and investigate it. 
Little guy got to flirt a little with Miss Linda, his sisters favorite babysitter. 

Chunky baby ninja turtle snuggles.  I love all his fatness!!!

There is nothing more fun than being in a laundry basket--unless it's being there with your amazing, big sister!

Fastnacht day!!!  And next year, he'll be able to join us in eating them.  It was so sweet that our lovely neighbor came by early to give us the doughnuts that she and her church had made.

Just hanging around with my little buddy.  I have so many pictures of his sister and I like this.

I introduced him to some of my pots and pans and also the wooden spoons.  It kept him busy while I did the dishes.  Of course, it also made new dishes.

His sister is very good at feeding him.

These picture are from our Etiquette class day, where he caught a nasty stomach bug that made him the saddest baby I've ever seen!  His first real sickness. 

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