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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

37 Weeks Old

I can regularly put him in bed awake after nursing and he will go to sleep on his own.

He is very physical when nursing.  I feel like we're wrestling sometimes.  This isn't really new, though.  He is also still very dependent upon nursing to go to sleep for naptime and bedtime.  There was a bit there where I tried to fight it, but he'll only want to do it so long so I'm not rushing him out of it.  I still miss nursing his sister, and I wasn't in a rush with her and it still went by too fast.  I'm going to be in even less of a rush with him. 

I made a kissing game and now he likes kisses.  He wasn't a fan of kisses on the mouth before this.  His mouth/nose area is a very sensitive area and he freaks out when touched there. This makes nose wiping and face cleaning very difficult.

His hair is growing in on the back bald spot.  It's longer on the sides than on the middle, though.  Now that he's not spending so much time on his back, I look forward to seeing him with a full head of hair.

He's an expert at the army crawl/seal scoot thing he does. The two pictures above show the two steps of his forward movement.  He's very proficient at it. 

He's definitely got the object permanence thing.  He starts crying and getting angry when he can't have something.

Currently, he doesn't like to share my lap with Noelle.  He cried when he was with Daddy and I let Noelle come up and snuggle me and then he pushed and kicked at her when I tried to snuggle them both.  I think someone has been spoiled a little bit...

He seems to understand the word no.  Sometimes he thinks it's funny, sometimes he obeys and/or grumbles about obeying.  Sometimes he either doesn't understand or he ignores it.  Sometimes he understands it and gets frustrated because it's not what he wants to hear.

When he vocalizes it's always back in his throat and half the time it's a gurgle.  He also squeals and grunts.  He rarely makes consonant sounds.

He chews solid finger foods with his front teeth.  He has successfully kept down a handful of puffs to date!

He screams when he doesn't get his own way.

He is really interested in tiny things, but he also seems to know that if he puts them in his mouth he runs the risk of vomiting. 

He made a little friend...too bad he was ready for bed when this friend came to visit.  

He doesn't like hats on his head and pulls them forward to get them off so he was really frustrated when that didn't work with this hoodie--poor little one!

 I love that he and his sister are both looking and smiling in this picture!!!

 Some fun at the lame fruits and veggie playscape they replaced the real playscape with at our mall. 


 My view as I leave for work every morning.  Daddy drops them off at day care somewhere between 10 and 11 then. 

 Fun with Daddy!

 He LOVED the frozen yogurt but it was OH SO COLD!!!

 Hey, Mom!!!

 Fridge phonics are his new favorite thing.  They're my new favorite thing too because it keeps him occupied. 

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