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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

30 weeks

He tried bananas and loved them.  I know you're not supposed to give them fruit first but I had a feeling he would like them and I wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with his swallowing reflex since he was reacting so negatively to purees (gagging and all). 

He really, REALLY loves my Pandora bracelet.  He always grabs for it--especially when I'm changing his diaper. 

We took a family walk in the snow on our first snow day together.  I think Asher was just confused by the wind and the cold.  He buried his head in Daddy's chest. 

Feeling for those teeth.  We're sure the're coming in. 
This was also on our wonderful snow day together--Baby Bear was enthralled by watching Daddy and his sister box on the Wii. 

This is fun, Mommy!!! Wait, can you take me out now?

Back in the race car at Food Lion!

He loves his Daddy. 
He was supposed to be napping.  It was naptime.  But he woke up early so he just joined us while we "napped" which meant that we didn't really get to nap but he was worth it. 

TWO, beautiful teeth! He hasn't gotten any since, though.  We keep thinking they're coming and they don't. 

He likes mashed potatoes!
But not when his sister tries to feed him. 

We were sure he was teething so we put the amber necklace on him and gave him lots of things to sink his gums into.

He LOVES blankets over his face.  This super, sheer scarf was a safe way to give him what he wanted.
One day he won't let me dress him how I want so I'm taking advantage of the fact he has no say in the matter.

I think this was from the morning I woke him up because I screamed about the stink bug hanging out in my toothpaste.  Poor Daddy had to put him back to sleep while I got ready for work.  I came back after awhile and found this. 
Nursing while his sister does my hair.

He made this tiny handprint on my mirror after I lubed him up with coconut oil and we played the "look at the baby" game in the mirror.  I haven't had the heart to wash it off.  I think it will stay there forever.

Chillin' with his Grandpa after his Grandma Bridgette's party (that we missed).

Matching Daddy.

I ended up in the nursery this day and I knew it would be best if he didn't nap but I couldn't hold him off.

While his sister previewed my school for kindergarten, he chewed happily on my otter box case.

He nicked me with is teeth one morning and I didn't realize it so when I went to pump, I got bloody, pink milk.  He only bit me once--like truly bit me--but he doesn't seem to be aware of the two bottom teeth so sometimes I get grazed by them.

He truly loves the guitar.  Playing with it always leads to eating it, though, so I rarely let him do it.

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