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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

28 Weeks Old
He isn't adjusting to purees so we're gonna give him a break.  We don't want him to associate food with the negative experiences he's having when we feed him.  Besides, they don't need anything but breastmilk until they're 12 months old anyway.

It seems he has stopped falling when we sit him up.  He can hold the position indefinitely.  He does fall on purpose though.

He might be throwing things on purpose...or he might not realize he's doing it yet. 

He's 18lbs and 13 oz

He moves backwards in the walker and can reach the ground now in the shortest setting.

He also got some vaccines.  As usual, he reacted well to them in the aftermath, though he hated the shots, of course.

As always, the siblings love each other!

We thought he might be teething this week so we put the amber necklace on him most days. 
He's been doing this lately with his head.  I thought it was cute that his sister was doing it too at this age.

We've been seeing more push-ups too.  He's not pulling up to his knees yet, though.

We just LOVE the racecar shopping cart at Food Lion.  We never go there for more than one or two things but we ALWAYS use it anyway!

Another comparison of his sister and he at this age.

He's so FAT! I just love it!  With the weather this cold I try to strip him and rub him down with coconut oil at least once a day to protect his sensitive skin.

He loves putting his head back like this, falling backwards if he's up while on my lap, and going upside down.
We're never timely getting his diapers folded and stuffed.  I was so good about it with his sister too...

He loves my water bottle.  Just like his sister.  He sees it and gets so excited and then starts fussing and yelling if he doesn't get it.

He also loves brushes. I've been letting him play with them lately so he can discover the texture.

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