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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

27 weeks old

When he's nursing, he'll grab my breast and try to put it in his mouth if he loses it or if I'm not quick enough.

He's been sitting in the grocery cart for like four weeks now.  He seems to enjoy that vantage point, though he is a bit small for it since he only stays upright if the belt is nice and tight.

He's sitting up for longer stretches of time.  If he falls down, sometimes it's because he's decided to do so.  Less and less is it a result of losing his balance.

He's voracious about chewing things.

I left him unattended in his room for less than five minutes (because I'd falsely assumed it was baby proof) and this happened.  I should have known from the contented noises I was hearing that something wasn't right.

He reaches for me with his little arms when he wants to be picked up and I come near.

On 1/4 his second tooth came popping through.  We also decided to switch to the amber necklace from the bracelet because he'd managed to get the bracelet and start chewing it once or twice and we feel that it does help the teething a bit.

He pats and pats and pats everything.  It's cutest when you're holding him and he's patting your back.

On 1/4 we gave him his first official people food feeding--pureed zucchini.  He'd had tastes of my food prior to this, but this was the first time we did it on purpose.  He wasn't a fan.  Two days later, when he pooped it out, it gave him a bad rash.  We're doing breast milk and brown rice now.  He seems to like it less and less as the days go by.  After trying to feed him, he's all the more insistent upon nursing.

He wasn't such a big fan of people food in the subsequent days.

He's exchanged the raspberries for making a guttural "Kkkkk" sound all the time.  He occasionally still wakes up blowing, but rarely blowing raspberries anymore.

 He has this awesome snowsuit from one of my sisters that makes him look like a giant teddy bear.

He really likes tipping his head this way and looking at you upside down.  

  I love this bashful look he sometimes gives when you give him sudden attention.  SO precious!!

 Still chewing.  This bag was particularly satisfying because it made a fantastic crinkly sound.

 Moments after I finished clearing the Christmas tree of ornaments, his second store-bought Baby's First Christmas ornament came in the mail.  It stayed up on the naked tree all week.  :-D

 His sister never watched TV.  Never showed interest in it.  He'll rubber neck even when nursing to see it if it happens to be on.  Sort of bothers me, but oh well.  We limit screen time anyway.

 Me and my boy!

 Playing with a fun present from Miss J and her boys.

 Oh the magic of the Boba.  I wear him by necessity now because I just have so much to do sometimes.  I bake a lot both to save money and to eat real, healthy food and he usually needs to be worn when I do that.

 I love watching him sleep.  He's so darling.

One of my favorite pictures of him playing with Bunny.  He is just so tiny in comparison (even though he's a big boy) and so happy!

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