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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

29 Weeks old


He likes holding things over his head with two hands.

My two, amazing boys!

No real reason for this picture.  This is just how he looks when we take him out in the cold. And sometimes (Most of the time) he wears his little bear suit and he's just so snuggly and adorable that way!

He's still just 18lbs 13 oz.  I took him to the doctor because we thought he had pink eye but it was just a clogged tear duct.  It cleared up with lots of breastmilk over the course of the day.

He has a little pterodactyl scream that is reserved for when he's fussy or unhappy.  Sometimes he does it when he's happy but usually right before he's about to be unhappy.

He really, REALLY likes eating paper--well, mostly it's anything that makes a great, crinkly noise. 

This is his buddy at his sister's dance class.  She holds him every week for about the first half hour of class. 
I decided to make a treat for the two of them and made the playpen a ballpit.  I think he would have enjoyed it more if he were more mobile but once he fell over on his belly or back he was overwhelmed with all the balls underneath him.  I removed about 90% of the balls after that. 

He may have a yeast rash under his diaper.  I'm treating it with breast milk, coconut oil, and coverless diapers.  I'm probably going to have to sun the diapers now to disinfect them.
LOVES that waterbottle...

His sister learned that maybe making him into a fairy wasn't the best idea. 

I don't often get to see him eat from a bottle so when I do it's kinda cool.  A couple times I've caught the tail end of a bottle feeding at daycare and once I ran home between classes to grab something and saw him eating from his Daddy, but honestly I forget that he knows how to bottle feed since I never bottle feed him. 

Some fun playtime on the bed.

I don't think I like carrots, Mommy...

I'm pretty sure he's gonna be a guitarist.

If I can grab it, I shall EAT IT!!!

Facetime with Mommy.  I think he was confused because he heard my voice but he didn't equate it with the picture he saw on Daddy's phone.  :-D

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