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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

31 weeks old

He likes green beans!

He props himself up on his arms and scoots back.

He doesn't have a new tooth yet though we were sure he was teething on the top last week.

He gets up on his hands and knees briefly.

He scoots forward when sitting and excited.

He shakes his head sometimes when you shake yours at him.

He babbles, but not all the time like his sister.  He has to be REALLY happy or REALLY upset to babble.

He had some grumpy, hold-me-all-day days

He refused to nurse all afternoon on Sunday.

We think he had croup Sunday night.  We took him out in the cold Monday morning and then set him in the bathroom during Daddy's shower.  The worst of the cough was gone after that.

He is SO happy when he is with me! I don't even have to be engaging him verbally.  He just likes to be held by me.  All the better if we do talk and giggle together, though!

Nina suggested letting him play with his food and hold his spoon so he could get used to the texture and eating.  So, when he's done allowing me to spoon feed him, I dump the rest of his food onto his tray and let him have at it.  Keep in mind, he only gets offered once ice cube sized bit of food at every meal. 

Some of the fantastic weather from this week that gave me even more snow days.  I think we were up to 7 by the time of this post. 

 I ordered this tray of wooden fruits for my preschool Spanish class but they're officially Baby Bear's fruits.  He LOVES them and Bunny loves to help him play with them.

 Bunny was also kind enough to give him this teething doll.  I begged her to do it.  It's great for grasping and chewing. 

 My sweet little family when I leave them in the morning for work.

 The table at Baby Bear's daycare room.  I often come in to find him sitting here.

 I thought it was cute to compare him to the size of the gallon of milk.  HOnestly, I put him there because he wouldn't let me leave him while I poured myself a glass and I needed two hands.

 During this weepy week, sometimes he's okay with only his sister's attention.  She's been very helpful in that way. 

 I realized he was breathing with his head smashed in this way and that if he couldn't breathe he'd just move, but after taking the photo I moved his head for good measure.

 The boy loves eating paper and other crinkly things. 

 Playing in the grocery store.

 Pig pile on Daddy!

 When he wears hats he takes them off by pulling them forward.  He got so mad about not being able to take this hood off that way. 

 Wearing a Steelers jersey for the superbowl that didn't have the steelers in it.  Actually, we aren't even steelers fans but we happened to have the jersey...

 Seeing Miss Nina again.  She was one of the first people to see him--even before me--so that was special.

 Matching Jerseys.

Fast asleep.  The Super Bowl party was just too much for him. 

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