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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

22 Weeks

He's rolling over more, usually belly to back, but he can do both.  When he's on his belly he pushes himself up on his arms and then just falls over to the one side and then pulls his leg over.  I've praised him so much for it that now he smiles and giggles every time like he knows he's accomplished something awesome. Also, letting him cry more since his 4 month doctor's visit has helped him with this feat as well. 

He's fitting comfortably into 6-9 month clothing, though I do still squeeze him in some 3-6 month stuff.

For over a week now he's slept through the night, with a few exceptions.  I was holding my breath expecting it to pass, but it hasn't.  I'm okay with it either way because when he doesn't sleep well, I just let him sleep with me and we both rest that way. 

I can use the car to lull him to sleep.  He had a bad evening the other day so he, Bunny, and I piled in and he was asleep in a matter of minutes while Bunny and I exclaimed over Christmas lights.

He had two blowouts in cloth diapers this week--a Fuzzi Bunz (our current favorite for leaks) and a bumGenius.  This is ridiculous because Bunny never leaked in cloth diapers! I didn't even know what blowouts were like, except for the few times she wore disposables.  I'm wondering if it's because the diapers are so old.  They're perfectly functional--no worn elastics and I replaced all the aplix, but still.

We're letting him cry it out more through necessity.  Now that I'm working, I have to be even more efficient with my time.  I wish we didn't have to, though.  I enjoyed having the liberty to pick him up at my leisure.  However, he seems to be progressing physically more now that he's having to self soothe more. Poor little guy, he's been immediately attended to up until this past month.

He usually cries once or twice in the middle of a nap and then falls back asleep.

He's also not content to be still unless falling asleep.

He still can't fall asleep on his own, though he can fall back asleep if he was asleep and awoke a bit.

We just can't keep socks on him.  I think that's part physiology and part the rapid kicking movements.

He loves screens--TV screens, phone screens, computer screens.  We don't expose him to much of that--just what Bunny watches, really.  I do nurse him to sleep at nap time while watching half of a show, but his back is to the TV then.  When he's awake, we very rarely have the TV on.

He loves to chew things (but this is nothing new).  His current favorite seems to be a plastic book of Spanish colors.  he also likes a set of metal teaspoons and a plastic car that he usually plays with.  He also shoves sleeves, car seat straps (before we tighten them, burp cloths, and other pieces of clothing that he can reach in his mouth.  He's highly entertained for 10-20 minutes in his high chair with an array of these chew toys and his favorite thing is to get what he's chewing to stay in his mouth on its own while he flails his arms excitedly.  ON the same note, he gets so frustrated when he can't get the satisfaction he seeks from chewing and then he starts grunting and screaming.  Sometimes, it's just easier not to introduce the toy to him in the first place because he's just going to eventually get irritated.

He drinks 8-12 ounces while I'm gone in the mornings.

He had his first Thanksgiving!

He was fussy the day after so I wonder if something I ate from the feast didn't agree with his little belly.

Ever since I let him taste my food after his dedication he's been more interested in it. When I have a plate or bowl of something in front of me on my lap when he's holding me, he tries to attack it.  I don't know if it's because he just wants something in his mouth to chew (could be the bowl or the actual food), or if he's starting to understand the whole eating thing.

He hasn't use the pack n play for almost a month but we just removed it from our room now.

He's still spitting up a lot, though it seems to have tapered down a bit in the last couple of days.

He loves Bunny! She'll be what we consider too rough for him but he giggles and squeals so we shrug our shoulders and let it go.  We're trying to teach her to pay attention to his cues so she knows whether or not something is too rough for him.

I don't even bother with the pacifier anymore, but I think Dave uses it once in a while still.

We got rid of the white rocking recliner and switched it for the swively blue apolstered rocking chair that was in his room. It doesn't rock as well and doesn't recline, but it's a huge step up from the grinding, creaky recliner that didn't even rock all the time.

The cold weather has an averse effect on his poor cheeks! They get badly windchapped and the best thing to heal them is lanolin overnight.  We also use coconut oil, unpetroleum jelly, and calendula cream, but the lanolin works the best.

We bought a Christmas tree this week--his very first!
He helped Daddy and I put it up while his sister took pictures.
When we moved the white recliner from the living room and replaced it with the blue chair, there was a nasty bit of black residue it had left behind that I had to scrub, but Bear didn't want to be put down.  So, I kept him on my back and the scrubbing motion had him giggling so hard! I wish you could tell from the picture, but you can't.  He was giggling when this was taken, though.  I promise.

He wasn't as mesmerized by the lights as I thought he'd be. 

He really likes my phone and always reaches for it if I get too close.  He'd destroy it, though, so I never let him have it.  Maybe I'll get a Lifeproof case one day and then he can chew on it to his little heart's content. 

 He sat in a shopping cart for the first time.  He's not really ready for this because he's not sitting up yet but I was desperate for him to stay awake for me so he'd nap later when I could rest so I didn't want to put him in the Boba carrier.  I put him in here and he woke up almost immediately.  I made the straps tight but he was leaning to the one side almost the entire time.

 His eyes are so piercingly blue! You can spot them from across a room!

Both my kids are just so, darn cute!

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