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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

24 Weeks Old

He makes the biggest (cutest) sighs when he's tired.

He hates when I touch his face for any reason (such as wiping his nose or putting moisturizer on his chapped cheeks).

He yells sometimes.

He "talks" as if he's really having a conversation with you.

He can kind of sit up.

...kind of

He likes to stand a lot when you're holding his hands.

He spits and blows raspberries when he's mildly upset.

He can really get himself around by rolling and twisting.

He's babbling a lot.  He mostly says "ba ba ba" and "ma ma ma" though he also says something resembling an "l" and an "r" and a couple of other weird, unintelligible sounds.

When he was a newborn--well, until I went back to work--we used to take our naps together all the time.  I mostly don't have time for that anymore, but occasionally it happens and it's so blessed.  Even if he doesn't take his whole nap with me, he still falls asleep best when snuggled (he's only gone down on his own twice for me in his life, actually) so even when I don't have time to nap with him, I do get 10-20 minutes of sleepy snuggles every afternoon.  It's so nice.  

Sitting up in the cart now.  His sister thinks it's fabulous and always wants to sit in there with him, but unfortunately there isn't enough room.  I promised her that the next time we go to Sam's, she can do so because the Sam's carts have room for two kids in the front basket.  

He's really into chewing everything--especially things he sees me putting in my mouth, like food.
He and his sister just love each other so much!

He sits here and plays with chew toys a couple of times a day.  It gets old for him after 10-15 minutes, but it will buy us a little time to prepare food or wash dishes, or go to the bathroom.

A little snuggle bear he is.  He's just so precious!

All dressed up for church and looking at the lights like he normally does.
Sweet little man just melts my heart!
He fell asleep on the way home and we gave him his nap.  This normally happens on a Sunday.

Christmas with Dave's family.  I pulled him out of a nap thinking he'd continue to sleep in his Grandpa's arms, but he woke up and gave us this, disoriented face.

Opening his first Christmas present.  He's actually old enough to sort of do it--though he was more interested in the paper than anything, of course.

He liked the soccer ball.  He didn't have a say in the bow.
With Grandpa

Sitting on his cousin's bike, which he'll apparently inherit one day, according to Grandpa.

All the cousins together.  I couldn't believe they were all looking and smiling for this.  I don't think this has ever happened in their history!

Snuggle time with just the family.  It's our favorite thing, ever, especially after a long day of visiting. 

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