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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

23 Weeks Old

I picked him up at daycare at the beginning of the week and he wasn't even being held.  He was bouncing contentedly in the walker.  This has become the norm ever since.

He gets easily frustrated, especially when trying to manipulate something with his hands--I think it's because of his limitations.

He rolled across the blanket in the living room until he was under the Christmas tree.

This was *sort of* his first snow.  There was another one a week or two ago that sort of laid but didn't last long.  This was the first one that was actually substantial.

His big sister can *technically* pick him up on her own now. 

He's super wiggly/rolly on the changing table.  It's getting more difficult to have a quick diaper change.

If I put him on his back he will almost always roll over to his bely, though he can do both ways now, easily.

He's trying to sit up--in the car seat and in other cases where he's only partially reclined.  He can't do it at all, but he's building up that ab strength.

He's still usually sleeping through the night but we're trying to get him to stay in bed past 5am...which has worked for us about 40% of the time.  It also means we can't let him fall asleep before 7 or 7:30 at night.

He's started spitting when frustrated or upset and especially when he's tired and can't fall asleep.

Time with Daddy in the morning.  I don't get many if any pictures of this time because Daddy isn't so good about taking them.

 He gets put in the back carry in the Boba carrier a lot because he likes to be held and I have less time to just hold him now that I'm back at work.
 Listening to Bunny read him one of her B.O.B. books.
 Chewing on some na'an.
 Okay, so I let him get up with me one morning and tried to do my morning stuff (like these posts about him) with him up.

Hanging out with some of my students at the freshmen pancake breakfast.

 Now that I'm back at work, these nap times on my chest are few and far between, but I try to let them happen once in awhile and just let the rest of the world go.  They're also difficult to have because I try to take his nap time and use it to give his sister the one-on-one quality time she's really been craving since he was conceived.

 He's into anything he can grab--especially food which is probably because he sees us put it in our mouths.  This is only my guess, though.
We let them wear their matching Christmas sleepers early.

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