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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

21 weeks

He's finally holding his own weight up on his legs.  He could do it before but wouldn't do it more than a second or two.

We have a new bedtime routine: Now that the rocking chair in the living room is on the fritz, he and I snuggle and nurse in my bed for his afternoon nap and also for bedtime.

He likes to pull off his hat...and Bunny pulls it off for him when it gets over his eyes.

He hates riding in the car again.

He rolled over tummy to back for the first time.

He's consistently sleeping through the night: 7-9pm until 4:30-6:30am.  He and I both fall asleep in my bed when we nurse at night time.

He loves stuff being put in his face.

He grabs everything and will turn and twist his little body to reach for anything within his arm-span.

I've taken to keeping the TV in my room on during his naptime, or music on in the living room so there's constant, low noise going on through the house and Bunny and I can roam freely without fear of waking him.  He sleeps in his room, so it's not like I put him to bed watching TV.  :-)

He's been pretty calm and easy-going most evenings.

He's snowing more and more preference for his big sister.

He's started sort of reaching for us or maybe it's just reaching up when he wants to be held.

He's still arching his back a lot to move around or to get out of a position he doesn't like.

He's interested in people food.  I gave him a taste of my ice cream when he just happened to be hungry and he kept screaming for more.  I kept giving him some until I realized he was going for it because he actually needed to be fed. He doesn't actually eat it, though.  (Pizza crust almost makes a good teething biscuit :-P)

He's spitting up a lot for about the first 30 minutes after a feeding.

His feedings are farther apart now.

He's adjusted better to daycare now.  He's not screaming when I come to get him, though he's always being held.

This is his favorite thing--getting something to stay in his mouth without having to hold it so he can kick and flail his arms happily whilst he chews.  

This book is his new favorite chew toy.  I introduced it to him this week because I brought a bunch of books home from my classroom to use for the preschool Spanish class we do for his sister and her friends on Mondays and then I let him have the book and now it's a must have.

Sometimes his big sister treats him like a dolly.  He doesn't seem to mind.

A comparison of Bunny and Bear at this age.

This is a friend whose daughter is in dance class at the same time as Bunny.  We sit and wait through the classes together and she holds Baby Bear, now, for about 10-20 minutes every Friday.

He got to play a part in his big sister's tea party the other day! He really enjoyed her dishes.

Miss Amanda held him while I cooked dinner on a night when she came over to crochet and watch Dr. Quinn with me and Bunny.

He spends more time on his belly now.

Story time with his big sister.

We dedicated him this week.  H-well doesn't do dedications as fancy as P-mount did.  It was a nice little discussion on why we dedicate followed by the family going up and Pastor B praying over us and Baby Bear.  It was simple and nice.

Then, the S-ers and his Grandpa came over for lunch afterwards.

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