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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

25 Weeks Old

He screams sharp, loud, happy screams.

He put himself to sleep on 12/19.  I tried nursing, rocking, patting, pacing, and then repeated all of the above and finally just put him down.  He fussed for no more than 5 minutes and he was out.

12/20 I noticed his first tooth poking through!!!

Sometimes I wish he would wake up in the middle of the night to nurse.  He almost always sleeps through the night, but he does occasionally awaken.  It's always the exception though, never the rule.

He's been waking up with me first thing in the morning and sometimes I can't help but pick him up, which is of course teaching him to continue doing it.

He's doing push ups now.

He still leaks in his diapers all the time--the poop mostly.

He's showing lots of interest in solid food but still satisfied with just breast milk.

He's always giggling.

He looks for me when he's with Daddy or someone else--especially if he's less than happy.  Daddy says it's easier for him to calm baby Bear down when I'm not there.

Me and my beautiful kids at a trip to the grocery store.

He doesn't just blow raspberries when he's angry now.  He does it all the time.

The walker will keep him occupied for longer than the high chair will.   I always put a pillow underneath so his feed can "reach" the floor.  I wonder if that's why.  

He just loves the guitar.  

His sister always tries to integrate him into her play.  He doesn't always go willingly, but I usually let her try so she can see for herself what his preferences are.

He's trading that bald little head for some hair!!! I was excited about it until I realized that I probably won't ever see him bald again.

Here he's in the "My First Christmas" onesie that his sister wore--which is a tad too small, but we're stretching it out so it fits him anyway.

He inadvertently played along with this Mary and Joseph scene that Bunny was doing for me to illustrate my freshmen's Spanish verse.  Then, she proceeded to be Mary for the next couple of days and Bear was usually Joseph. 

Since being in daycare, he's come to like the swing.  He usually tries to catch the sheep the entire time he's in there.

The little Booger likes watching TV. -_-

Sometimes, he still just needs the Moby Wrap to relax.  Actually, he needs to be worn most days.

The family, all dressed and ready for church (Well, Daddy had to go to work the Sunday before Christmas.  Not cool at all)

Those feet are so adorable.

Sometimes I wonder if it isn't the guitar music he loves, but the guitar itself.  He always eyes these tuning pegs and he's grabbed at them a couple of times.

Like his sister, he loves my hospital water bottle.

One night close to Christmas, he and his sister were playing and giggling together.  He actually reached for her at points and they were both having so much fun!

Christmas at my parents' house! Here they both are with Grandma by her Christmas tree.

With my uncle.  They kinda look alike cause they're both mostly bald and kinda chubby.

Christmas morning--matching his eyes to his Auntie's.

Sibling picture under the tree.

New toy! He doesn't care that it's educational, he just wants to put it in his mouth.

His sister wanted to help him open all of his presents.

The cool glass of my cup was just what those little gums wanted.

He got a shirt labeled "Ladies Man" and since his Mom, sisters, aunties, and Grandma are the only ladies I want him adoring at this point, this pose seemed fitting.

Blowing raspberries at his uncle. 

After the long drive home, Bear was wide awake and sat up in our bed playing with his new toys while his daddy zonked out.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle PJs from my brother.

Oh, the squishy love!

His sisters Kristoff doll (from Frozen) was just the thing for teething.  She wasn't so happy about it, though. 

Me and my adorable, beautiful, wonderful children!

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