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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

19 weeks

He weighs 16 pounds 10 oz at 4 month check up.  He's in the 75-80th percentile and he's been there all along.  He's 26.5 inches long.

He's starting to get some fuzzy, new hair on his head after losing ALL of his newborn hair.

He has the sniffles.  The doctor says it's a light cold.

He definitely has eczema and not ringworm.

He needs more tummy time so he'll roll over.  I've just been picking him up every time he cries and holding him all the time which might be a reason why he isn't doing much physical stuff.  I'm not sorry about it, though!

He likes to suck his bottom lip in.

Old Navy and Target socks don't fit him like they did his sister.  ALL socks we try fall off.

He screams when happy and sad.

He lost his amber teething bracelet for awhile and we think maybe his temperament worsened.

This is us either at family breakfast or family dinner--probably the former. 

He always sleeps best when Mommy holds him.

He puts up surprisingly well with his big sister's antics.  He actually loves what she does to him most of the time.

Some more tummy time--naked so he can air out his little bottom and stop any rash before it starts.

They're gonna be great friends one day. 

He's so chunky! I love all his chunkiness!

Meeting his new little friend.  He dwarfs her like he dwarfs all new babies. 

I think he has his Daddy's lips.  Mine aren't that full.  Neither are Bunny's.

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