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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

20 Weeks

Arching his back while sitting and when he's on his belly so he can move around--though he has no aim when moving.

He's better at tummy time these days but hates it after awhile.

He slept through the night 11-13 and 11-14.  He slept from about 7:30-4:30 and I get up at 5:00 so it was perfect.

He's inching forward and around on his belly and back.

He's begun arching his back even on the changing table and wriggling out of my grasp when I try to change his diaper.

We can't leave him lying by himself on the couch anymore.

He's starting to calm down a bit at home but he still wants to be held most of the time.

He's fussy when I get him at daycare.

He's eating 7-10 ounces, now, while I'm gone.

He is sucking his bottom lip a lot.

He rolled over once from his back to his belly.  I'd left him alone to do dishes and he was really fussing but I just couldn't get to him and when I came back he'd rolled over!

He's so much more contented these days.  It's easily been a week since I last gave him Zantac.  He still spits up a good bit but he doesn't seem as irritated.

He's content to play for longer periods--which is extended even more if Bunny is there to play with him.  He'll be okay if he's not being held only as long as someone is with him.  I sit with him and play guitar for him still, or even do laundry and he can handle that for a good 20 minutes now.

He doesn't like the idea of the car but it will lull him to sleep now.  A little music helps too, which is the first time that music other than mine has been soothing to him.

He also likes to reach for the toy that usually hangs from the car seat handle. 

He adores Bunny.  He thinks she's amazing and she returns the sentiment.  Sometimes I think she's being too rough with him but then he's giggling so what do I know?

We did our first back carry with the Boba so I could roll out pastry dough and it was mildly successful.

He's become calmer in the afternoons.  We have a routine when I come home from work.  I leave him in the seat while I put away dirty diapers and store new milk, then we play a little, followed by nursing which almost always puts him to sleep.  Then I put Bunny to bed and him in his crib and I get a little time to myself to catch up on housework or writing.  During this time of the day he'll sleep anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  His other naps are never longer than 30-40 minutes.

He strokes and beats my chest or flails his arms in circles when eating.

Some family FaceTime with Daddy when he went on break.

A comparison of Bunny and Bear at around the same age.

He's serious about going at his chew toys in the high chair.  He goes there during meals and sometimes when I have kitchen work to do and he's awake.

We got them matching sleepers for Christmas--the striped polar bear ones were the only kind in both of their sizes, though there were definitely sleepers more suited to Christmas.

Still uses the pacifier with Daddy.

Sometimes, I just hold him during naptime rather than put him down and get work done.  It's restful to me and a balm to my Mommy soul.

Playtime in the afternoon before bedtime and after naptime.

I was trying to get him to roll over here by taunting him with a toy but he got so irritated that he couldn't reach it that he screamed rather than roll over and I just gave it to him. 

He got a cute, crocheted, little man hat from me--my first crocheted garment.

Playtime with Bunny
Always needs to chew! This is Christina's dining room table.

Daddy with the kids in the morning after breakfast and before I go off to school.

Crazy boy loves to eat burp cloths/blankets/clothing and then put them over his face.  He thinks it's a great joke!

Oh, man, those eyes!!!

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