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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

4 weeks

He is smiling SO much more!!! He was only doing it 2-3 times a day.  Now he spends a good bit of his awake time keeping eye contact and smiling.

His circumcision is all healed now.

Beans make us both gassy and keep him up all night--at least they did this week.

He fits 0-3 month clothing now.  They didn't fit him at first and now they suddenly fit perfectly.  Unfortunately, this means he outgrew Daddy's old sleeper.

He rolled over.  It might have been a fluke because he was near the middle of the ottoman on his tummy near the crack where it goes inward.

He's grabby.  He grabbed a toy on the changing table.  I'm not sure it was on purpose, but it was his first time grabbing a toy.

He prefers to nap on our chest or in the bouncer.

He doesn't like to be swaddled.

He's starting to go back to his original sleep schedule where he nurses at 12, 3, then 5.  We're finally getting sleep again.

He has a nasty diaper rash from all the pooping.  We're trying to cure it with un-petroleum jelly or the ointment that the Happy Baby Company sent with his prefolds and wool and flat diapers.

He has lots more eye contact.  He seems alert all the time that his eyes are opened now.

His first latch when nursing is almost never a good one.

He almost never uses a pacifier these days.

The fur is gone from his arms but some of it is still on his lower back.

There's no more skin peeling from his body, just his face and head.

He got a visit from his Auntie Mimi this week.  He turned on the smiles for her a lot--she just happened to come in the point of his development where he started smiling a lot more. 

He started smiling a lot more this week.  I don't know that it was an accident when it happened before, it was on purpose, but it didn't happen as much as it does now.  It's more social now, like he's figured out how to continue to interact with us with smiles.  Before, it was just here and there. 

He looks a lot like his sister--both now and how she looked as a baby.

I never get tired of snuggling him.  I literally spend a few hours each day just having him sleep on my chest or in my arms nursing as often as he wants.

I was trying to take a chaste picture of his cute naked little body and he pooped ALL OVER his blue carpet.  I tried to get the stains out but if you look closely there's still a faint, yellow hue. 

Learning some head control.  He wobbles a lot but he raises it up really high.  He also tires of lifting it quickly. 

He is starting to notice his sister and smile at her.

I'm trying to work on taking more walks with them.

Look at those beautiful, chubby rolls!

Those eyes definitely come from me. 

We got a visit from the Oberholzers this week. 

My attempt at playing with Bunny as he slept--that's him over on her stuffed-animal beanbag chair.  It worked pretty well, actually--having him in there while we played tea party. 

Meeting Grammy for the first time. 
His first bath in the tub.  He seems so big to me, but when you see him in the tub like this, he's just a little peanut!

Grammy gave us a box of Daddy's old baby clothes including this adorable sun bonnet that he wore to church this week.  He's wearing some wool overalls I knit him to go over his flat diapers.  The wool and flats are my attempt to clear up his diaper rash. 
I love the look on his face here.  Too bad it's blurry! This is at the first Bible study at our house since he was born. 
I'm trying to work on integrating Bunny more into my snuggle/nursing time with Asher.  It was hard at first because I was worried she'd inadvertently be too rough with him, but I also really miss my time with her so I'm working on being relaxed and calm when she's around him, though it's not my first inclination to be so. 
He met a little friend this week.

One of the few ways that I burp him after a feeding.  It makes him look so cute to prop him up like this. 
Snuggles with Daddy after he came home from a long day of work. 

He doesn't cry a lot, but here's what he looks like when he does.  It's important to me to remember the crying as well as the smiling. 

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