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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3 weeks

Asher at 3 weeks old

His circumcision went well according to the doctor, but he was fussy and in pain afterwards and it lasted a day or two. 

We got permission from our family doctor to give him Tylenol but he only kept it down one of the three times we gave it to him.  He really hated it. 

His personality got more needy after the circumcision and I cried for four days afterwards. 

We put him in one size diapers most of the time now so there's more room for the achy boy parts and because he's a heavy wetter and needs more absorbency. 

His little hands are always going, especially when nursing.

Often just sits motionless and stares when he's awake.

Such a good boy at night--he grunts and squeaks when uncomfortable but usually doesn't cry and finds a way to fall asleep on his own. 

Toward the beginning of the week he had to be really inspired to smile. His smiles weren't freely given but he'd give a couple every span of awake/playtime and he's starting to try to use his voice voluntarily. Sometimes he coos just a little bit when he smiles.

Towards the end of the week--when his Auntie Mimi was here--he was smiling a lot more.  He especially seemed to like Bunny's Sunday School teacher.  

Before going to sleep after a period of alertness he just stares quietly and is almost motionless 

He's still covered with soft, blonde hair everywhere. It's so cute! 

I think he might be getting newborn pimples

His newborn rashes are all but gone. He still gets a splotch here or there once in awhile.

He has more and alertness every day. 

He's starting to make good, continuous eye contact with me (7/19) 

Likes to be held for naps during the day. 

Doesn't like the swing anymore :-(

Took the bottle without issue

Still taking sharp intakes of breath that sound like choking but aren't. 

Weighs 10 lbs.

He likes the Moby Wrap

He can pull his head up but it usually wobbles almost uncontrollably to the point that it's hard to get a picture of it that isn't blurry.  He's working on it, though!

Our first sit down restaurant experience as a family of four at El Sombrero. 

 Daddy and his kids. 
 Saying goodbye to Grandma.  She came and stayed with us for the first two weeks of his life to help out and BOY was she a big help!

I started doing comparison pictures of Bunny and Baby Bear right from the hospital room because they looked so similar.  Here's one of those I did his third week. 

Looking out the window is still one of his favorite things to do.  He's always looking at the windows and the picture frames in the living room. 

His sister would hold him and touch him and kiss him every single moment if she could.  

He hates getting his diaper changed.  Hates it. 

He's a champion nurser.  He nurses all the time. 

 All curled up!

 We had a special moment on this day and I was more than enjoying this new way of bonding with him--through eye contact, coos, and smiles. 

 He doesn't go on his play mat often but he puts up with it for a few minutes before wanting to be held.  We'll see if he likes it for longer periods of time as he gets older.

I took these pictures of him because he's so tiny and I wanted to show that--I mean, he is big for his age, at 10+ pounds, but he's still tiny for a human.  :-)

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