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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

5 weeks

His five week picture was taken at Roxbury in our hotel room. 

He's actually looking me in the eye.

He loves his sister. He is fascinated by her.

He smiles a lot now and usually squeals and squeaks when you talk to him and/or touch his chin or cheek.

Zantac is helping the screaming that started this week.  He has reflux, according to his doctor and was starting to act the way his colicky sister used to at this age.

He loves looking around at the outdoors while in the stroller in the evenings or when the sun isn't too bright.

This week was his first time at Roxbury and I'm 99% sure he was the youngest baby there.

At his check-up on Thursday he weighed 11 pounds and 6 ounces and was 23 inches long.

Some of the recently cut skin in his circumcision was starting to adhere where it shouldn't.  A male doctor came in and just pulled that away and told me it was normal.

They also said his excessive pooping is normal.  Speaking of which, he still uses about 15 diapers a day.  We used flat diapers with him all week to help heal his diaper rash and to make laundry easier while there.

I tried to help his rash the one day by letting him hang around half naked on a towel.  It didn't last long because he's not a fan of tummy time.  

He's starting to get more muscle tone and muscle control. His feet, especially, are no longer as floppy as they used to be.  They seem bigger to me too, though I haven't compared them to his newborn footprints.

There's less involuntary twitching when he's sleeping.

He's startled by loud noises.

He puts his hands around my boob when he's nursing.

When he gets super hungry, his hands get in the way when I try to nurse them because he frantically tries to shove them in his mouth.

He is more successful at sucking his fingers--but it still only happens successfully a couple of times a week.

 He is really calm when getting a chiropractic adjustment.
 His sister helped me out in the dressing room by holding him while I tried on clothing.  So sweet!

He does well in baby carriers and they calm him when he's gassy or having problems with the reflux--though the Moby is better than the Boba as far as his comfort is concerned.  However, the Boba is quicker to put on and not as hot for the summer months. 

 Baby Bear doesn't like the car seat either for the car or for walks, but he usually calms down for both once we get going. 
 I started swaddling him on his back for naps so he'd sleep fine that way at night. 
 The house is definitely messier since he's been born.  I just can't do everything anymore. 

 He met some of our favorite Roxbury friends. 
 Dave is okay using the Boba Air.  He had/has issues with the Moby.  I used to think it was because it made him look pregnant, but he says now that it's because it's so time consuming to put on.
 He got to see his Grandpa while we were at Roxbury.

 His cute little personality is really starting to show through.  I love interacting with him when he's awake--especially when he's in a good mood.  I think we named him well since he really is a happy little boy (unless he's got his tummy issues which isn't really his fault or related in any way to his personality). 

He still sleeps an awful lot, though his waking hours are increasing little by little each day. 

 His head control is amazing--less wobbly week by week.  He loves to lift his head (or tilt it back when he's horizontal) and look all around. 

 These are some great pictures of him with his Daddy and his sister. 
 His daddy preached to the young adults at Roxbury this year.  Baby Bear was there to sleep through every one of his messages!
He stretches like this a lot.  His sister used to as well.  It's so, darn cute!

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