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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2 weeks

Sleep: falling asleep around 10 or 11 and only waking up once between then and 8am. 

He's on a pretty regular schedule of nursing and napping during the day. 

He has about 1-2 hours a day where he is awake and alert. 

His umbilical cord is starting to bleed. Dr says it will come off soon. 

7/11--he smiled a couple of real smiles at me when he was alert and I was talking and singing to him. 

Rosie checked and cleaned his umbilical cord and said it looks normal and should fall off pretty soon. 

He likes to snuggle.  I could hold him all day but Dave and I agreed that I need to swaddle him and put him down when he naps in preparation for when my mom leaves and I have to be engaged with his sister again. 

He seems to be growing used to cold air--but still shakes violently at diaper changes. 

Not such a fan of the carseat but calms down once we get moving. 

First bath at home--sponge bath 

Often makes little vocal sounds when he exhales while sleeping and nursing. 

Some limited eye contact. 

He grunts a lot especially when falling asleep and starting to nurse

He's ticklish.  He doesn't laugh or even make noise, he just tenses up when you tickle him or run your fingers over his back or his feet.

He's starting to get hot in car.  For awhile we had to cover him even in there (though it was when the air conditioning was on). 

Sleeping well at night--3-4 hours at a time now

More alert when awake towards the end of the week--less sleepy eyes gazing

He's such a relaxed baby.

Grunts when unhappy, only cries when really unhappy. 

Needs to suck on a pacifier at night to be soothed. 
Likes looking out the window.

 His big sister just adores him! There's none of the jealousy I hear about with other older siblings.  It's more that we have to limit her interaction with him because she's so exuberant that she's not always as gentle as she should be. 

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