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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

18 weeks

 The second picture was taken because Bunny watched me make my 18 weeks sign and made one of our own for us to display in a second set of photographs.  We quite willingly obliged her.  What a cutie, already doing what she can for her little sibling! She's so, SO excited to be a big sister and to have a baby in the family!

I think the thing that best personifies this past week is that I'm feeling great! I feel like 90%-95% myself.

I also finally had the energy to actually write a grocery list and shop with a plan.  Haven't done that for awhile!

The baby's up to 10-15 perceived movements each day.  As he or she moves I start to feel more bonded to him or her.  My love seems to finally be growing a bit more each day. 

I'm still sleepy by the evenings, but I can stay up until at least 8.  I'm no longer able to always stay up til Dave comes home, though.  That was nice when it happened a few weeks ago, but exhaustion is hitting again.

Bacon is my favorite this week.  It makes the perfect before-bed snack.

My varicose veins are ridiculous.  Especially in my right ankle, where they started off as spider veins thanks to Bunny.  Now, my ankle is twice its normal size thanks to the bulgy veins, and there is a spot in the inner calf and behind the knee of the same leg that are also starting to bulge. It's only in the ankle that I actually feel some discomfort, though.

I'm trying some gluten free grains.  Not sure if they're working or not.  I don't feel as good after eating them as I do when I'm grain free, but I'm really missing grains so it might be worth it.  We'll see.

I think it's been about 4 weeks since I've thrown up.  Woo hoo!

I don't know if I'm actually gaining weight yet but a couple of skirts I bought a few weeks ago that were loose, now fit me nicely so I'm suspecting that I have.  My midwife says I should by my next appointment which will be February 21st.  

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