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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

16 weeks

Towards the end of this week, things started getting exponentially better.  Now, of course, this doesn't mean the "morning sickness" is over, but it has subsided to a more manageable level.

I am still limited to meats, fruits, and veggies--oh, and popcorn--weird, but it's true. 

I started doing some new things this week--like actually hanging out with people, doing some shopping, and even visiting my hubby at work.  I've been so STARVED for that.  Also, I stayed up and waited for Dave to come home (at around 8:30-9:00) three nights this week! This means that I not only slept solidly through the night, but that I also started experiencing exhaustion through the day since I cut my hours of sleep down from 10-12 to 6-8.  It's okay.  I'll take that for much needed time for my husband.

I'm still feeling the baby move, and it's intermittent.  One day I'll feel him/her lots and then I won't feel any movement for a few days.  I think I only feel the really big movements.

I went to see my midwife this week and we heard the heartbeat again.  It was still strong and fast, just as it should be and this time she didn't have to go searching around for it.  It came up on the sonogram (is that what it is called?) right away.

I have tried a few foods that are really off limits, but they mostly continue to be off limits, unless I eat small amounts before bed because I'll be resting then anyway.

This has been one of the best weeks so far.  It really has! I'm starting to return to my normal self, and to be a bit more productive.  I even have a few craft projects going again, and if you know me, you know that's a good sign! I'm not myself unless I'm sewing or knitting!

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