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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

19 weeks

If I could sum up this past week in one word it would be "productive."  Not that I'm more productive than I was before I was pregnant, but I am so much more productive than I have been in the past few months.  Bunny has been watching less television, I've actually gotten to tackle a few tasks besides the regular laundry/dishes/sweeping trio, and I've been making dinners regularly.  Like real dinners that I planned, shopped for, and follow a recipe to make. THAT is progress for me!

My bladder is so weak.  It's so much weaker than it was with Bunny.  I remember losing bladder control with a sneeze or a cough when I was 8 or 9 months pregnant with her, but apparently my Kegels aren't as strong this time around.  I exercise them regularly as I'm supposed to, but they just don't contain the pee the way they used to.  Oh well.  I had a cold this week and as I got to the coughing part, I wore a pad because I couldn't imagine the thought of leaking during school.  Yuck!
The baby is moving so regularly! I just fall in love with every wiggle and kick.  Bunny felt him or her move this past Sunday for the first time, and Dave felt the baby on Wednesday.  The fact that both of them are feeling movement at a point so early that many women don't even feel movement makes me feel better about always feeling fetal movement so early.  That, and I talked to other women who are feeling their babies for the first time at about 10-12 weeks, far before the magical "16 week mark" that doctors say you will feel movement for the first time. 

My varicose veins are ridiculous.  For not really having any with my first pregnancy, I'm completely off guard to have them so quickly.  They started in the spider veins I got on my ankle with Bunny and are quickly spreading throughout my calves--especially my right one.  I wear knee high support hose and that helps, but without them on, my ankle really hurts.  My mom says that her varicose veins stay with her even years after pregnancy.  That's discouraging since I hate wearing pantyhose even in the coldest months and I don't really want to be strapped with them the rest of my life.

The nausea is still here, but it's small.  Some days are better than others and the thing that manages it best is food.  The more paleo my diet, the better I feel, though that's not always the case.  I have been allowing more grains in--gluten free grains--and I seem to be able to stomach them fine, but I definitely feel a bit better without them.  Also, my first week eating rice and corn flour coincided with a cold--the first sickness I've ever gotten pregnant.  I mean, supposedly your immune system is worse when you're pregnant, but not mine.  Mine is like steel during gestation, so I don't think it's a coincidence that going to grains (which unfortunately are really bad for you despite what the culture says--they bring down your immune system and make your gut really unhealthy for the good bacteria--a shame since I LOVE me some warm bread!) allowed me to get sick.

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