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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

15 Weeks

More throwing up--Saturday into Sunday.  It coincided with Noelle getting a stomach bug so I wonder if I got the bug and didn't realize it because my body already feels sick.

I had a couple of days where I felt GREAT--like %90- %95 my normal self.  I even went crazy cleaning the house a couple of times.  It didn't last long, like it normally does when I'm healthy, but it was enough to be encouraging.

I tried sneaking in some chocolate and cereal, and it made me feel sick again.  It's definitely not worth feeling terribly to try to eat the foods I love.  Not at all.

I found that I can eat baked plantains, so I'm gonna have to go get and make more of those.  Maybe that means I can eat my baked sweet potato fries again.  They weren't agreeing with me there for awhile, but that was back when almost nothing did.

I'm peeing more frequently, but not a lot at a time.

My stool is very soft and regular--gross, I know, but very pertinent to this pregnancy.

I'm starting to get some varicose veins popping out in my ankle.  These are the same ones that started with Noelle, but they're getting worse.  I wear knee high support hose every day and long skirts to hide the ugliness of them.  I can't wear full length hose because the pressure on my stomach would make my morning sickness worse, but I also can't find thigh high support hose so far.  I need to look more but feeling ill as I do, it's not a huge priority to go traipsing around on errands such as those.

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