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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

14 Weeks

Things are steadily improving this week and I'm SO HAPPY to finally be in the second trimester!!!

I had my first pregnancy backache this week.  I was afraid, at first, that it was going to be debilitating like it was with Noelle, but I went to the chiropracter right away and with minimal adjustment to my back and my round ligament, it disappeared.  It hasn't returned. 

I started having some pretty bad headaches. My midwife thinks it's probably the Zofran.  I was going to go to my doctor about it, but then they went away. 

I'm down to taking Zofran every other day now.

I had more blood in my stool twice so I called my GI.  They're going to do a Flexible Sygmoidoscopy (I'm not spelling that right and I don't care) where I take an enema and then they push a camera through my lower intestines.  They can do that without putting me under.  Also, I got permission to eat and take my meds because if I don't eat, I'm afraid the vicious cycle of dehydration and vomiting will begin again.  One of my sisters had persistent bleeding in her stool and it turned out to be cissures, so I'm thinking that is what it is for me too? 

I'm avoiding grains now, and have less indigestion.  In fact, I'm feeling a lot better without eating grains or sugars.  I eat apples, grapefruits, eggs, cheddar cheese, and sometimes nuts.  I also can eat meats, and I find I need to eat 2-4 helpings of meat or protein a day to survive.  

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