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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

39 weeks


As of last Thursday (6 days ago) I weighed 204 lbs which is 27 weight gained total so far.  

The baby's head is still down.  

My uterus is measuring 39 weeks at 38 weeks--one week ahead. 

There was no cervical change last Thursday. 

I have contractions some days and other days not. 

Rosie says I'll probably go late. 

I've been having some awful, queasy digestion issues--two to three days of it.  I stopped taking Protonix and I felt better and better with each day afterwards.  Now I'm taking either Protonix or Zantac if I really need it.  

The baby is still more often. 

I'm getting really hot at night.  I had the air down to 60 some nights and when it wasn't that low I had to strip naked so I could bear it.  

I'm starting to get some pressure in my butt with the contractions. 

I'm pooping a couple of times a day now and it's still soft.   I feel the urge if my stomach is acting up, but also with contractions which have been more frequent.  

When my stomach and digestion isn't at its best, I have the nastiest farts!!!  I think the farts and the pooping just go along with the awful stomach aches and queasiness I have sometimes.  

The baby's been having lots of hiccups these days.  They'd stopped for awhile but now they're back.  The hiccups are soft and really fast.  I feel that his hiccups are softer than Bunny's were towards the end and also softer than they were back in the middle of the pregnancy when he had them so often.  

I've been regularly doing perineum massages with primrose oil, inserting the primrose oil caplets near my cervix, and drinking raspberry leaf tea in preparation for this labor.  I've been doing this since about 36 weeks.  I'm also trying to remember to do certain exercises every day such as Kegels and some lunges that help prepare the lower part of my body for the labor it will be undergoing soon. 

Towards the end of this week, my contractions became more painful, stronger, and more frequent.  There were a couple of times where I was sure I would have to call Rosie because labor might be starting, but then they always subsided just as I was about to call.  They were worse at night (and still are) and also worse when I was/am working hard around the house.  When I wake up and get moving, though, they've calmed down.  My checkup on the 27th (one day into my 40th week), I was 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  Rosie says the contractions that were causing pain and pressure and were coming more regularly during this past week were dilating my cervix and preparing it for labor. 

Here's a comparison of Bunny's pregnancy at 39 weeks, and this baby's: 
Photo: Hoping this is my last comparison shot. :-) 
And here's an adorable maternity shot my husband took of Bunny and I on the 26th: 

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